CSCS Card Test

This CSCS card test contains questions relating to a wide variety of topic that affect your health and safety at work, all the questions are intended for users with basic health and safety knowledge. The real test does not have any true or false questions but we’ve added a few just to mix things up a bit.

Having a good understanding of basic health and safety concepts will without a doubt improve the level and standard of safety in every working environment. Health and safety affects us all, and we all have a part to play in ensuring everyone goes home safe and injury free at the end of every day.

It’s important for us to realize that everything we do can have a negative effect on someone else, simple tasks such as sanding a window can have devastating effects on your neighbour who might unknowingly inhale the dust and cause mild or even sever breathing problems. So before you carry out any tasks especially in the workplace always ask yourself “will my actions put anyone’s health and safety at risk”.

All questions require 1 answer and all answers to this CSCS card practice test are at the bottom.

1. True or False. Portable electrical equipment that fail electrical testing will display a green sticker.




2. When using a ladder you should always have___ points of contact with the ladder.






3. Scenario: You’ve received a new pair of safety boots within the last month, if it gets damaged during the next month how long do you need to wait before you can request a new one?

1 Month later

2 Months later

3 Months later

Request another pair immediately


4. True or False. Disposable ear plugs can be reused multiple times as long as they’re cleaned after use.




5. True or False. A blue health and safety signs means an action is mandatory.



6. To avoid pain and discomfort, vibration tools should be used in short bursts.




7. True or False. Dry Powder fire extinguishers are the BEST option for putting out electrical fires.




8. True or False. Two people can work on the same ladder only if the supervisor approves.




9. True or False. COSHH is a term relating to the reporting of diseases in your workplace.




10. Who is responsible for ensuring you make use of provided PPE?

Your supervisor

Your health and safety rep


Your site manager

1. False    2. 3    3. Request another pair immediately    4. False    5. True    6. True    7. False    8. False    9. False     10. You

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Comments (19)

  1. Jeff says:

    10/10, roll on Tues 25th July 2017

  2. james says:

    easy! 10 out of 10 🙂

  3. steve mellor says:

    8/10 got thrown by 3 the ladder Q 3 i put 2 and Q7 i put A still not bad as i haven,t been bk on site for 6 yrs still feel up to the test : )

  4. Paul says:

    Got all correct, although I did change an answer, PRIOR to checking the answers, but seemed pretty straight forward, hope its the same on Tuesday!.

  5. allison says:

    easy practicing my nerves get the better of me this helps loads

  6. steve says:

    Seems easy enough

  7. very good studying service

  8. Jordan Z says:

    can someone explain the ladder question me? got 9 out of 10 just that one was wrong.

  9. anthony jones says:

    pretty easy

  10. Andy says:

    Easy test not taken the real thing yet but did 3 years at college for plastering seems very easy, like David said most of it is common sense. just revise meanings like cosh and other terms and will be fine i think.

  11. Publa says:

    9 out of 10 Thrown by the COSHH question !

  12. Questions are 80% common sense and 20% knowledge, pretty easy

  13. darren says:

    8 outa 10! some toolbox talks aint just a quick chat sometimes they can take upto 20 mins 😛 lol

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