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CSCS Green Card Test – Personal Protective Equipment

For this CSCS Green card test, you will need to answer 20 multiple choice questions based on Personal Protective Equipment.

To pass the CSCS test, you will need to know and understand the importance of PPE, who is responsible for providing PPE, and what your responsibilities are when it comes to using PPE correctly.

You will need to score at least 18 out of 20 to pass this CSCS Green card test, and you will get an instant pass or fail grade after submitting your answers. Good luck.

1. PPE must be provided by your employer______.

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2. Which of these would be acceptable for you to wear under a hard hat during cold weather?

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3. Wearing a safety helmet in hot weather can be uncomfortable, which of these is TRUE about wearing a safety helmet in hot weather?

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4. What health condition could be avoided if you use the correct gloves to handle hazardous substances?

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5. What type of eye protection is most suitable if there’s a risk of materials flying into your eyes?

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6. What type of eye protection should you wear if you have to use a cut-off-saw or grinder?

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7. Which image below tells you that the PPE you’re wearing confirms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards?

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8. Which item of Personal Protective Equipment should you use if you want to be protected from dermatitis?

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9. Which statement below is TRUE when it comes to using gloves while handling chemicals?

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10. You must wear head protection at all times while on-site EXCEPT:

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11. Protective mid-soles in your safety footwear are designed to __.

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12. When should safety footwear should be worn on-site?

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13. Why should your employer provide you with waterproof clothing if you have to work outdoors in bad weather?

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14. How should you wear a safety helmet to ensure you get maximum protection?

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15. What should you do if you need to use disposable ear plugs but they keep falling out?

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16. You have to select appropriate PPE for a job, what’s the most important thing you should consider?

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17. Which part of the body would you wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE)?

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18. Which statement below about personal protective equipment is NOT true?

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19. What should you do if you’re given a task that requires you to wear a full body harness but you’ve never used one before?

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20. You’re about to start a new task, how would you know if extra PPE is required?

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