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Welcome to our latest CSCS mock test full 2023 questions. To make it easier for you to practice for your test in 2023, we’ve created this mock exam with all the CSCS test questions and answers throughout this site.

There will be questions on pretty much every topic you’ll face in your real CSCS operatives test.

Topics include – fire extinguishers, working at height, manual handling, accident reporting, health and safety signs and much more. In keeping with the real test, this CSCS mock test full example will have 50 questions and all answers will be available after you’ve submitted your test. Please don’t forget to like or share if you found this mock exam useful. Good Luck!

Questions last updated on 1st January 2023.

1. If you want to be a first aider at work you should___.

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2. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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3. Which colour coding does foam fire extinguishers fall under?

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4. What does the health and safety sign below mean?

Blue health and safety sign

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5. To ensure maximum protection when using a mask, you should ___.

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6. You need to sweep up dust that was created during your shift, you should:

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7. You have to select appropriate PPE for a job, what’s the most important thing you should consider?

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8. What should you do if the extension wire you need to use has a cut in the outer cover?

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9. You are required to undertake some work that will produce dust. What will you need to do?

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10. Where can you find information about hazardous substances?

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11. You are provided with a dust mask to protect against dangerous fumes but this mask is partially damaged. What should you do?

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12. What does the heath and safety sign below mean?


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13. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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14. Checking a ladder before use should be done by ___.

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15. The best way to ensure a ladder is secured and won’t slip is to:

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16. When using a CO2 fire extinguisher you should be aware that the nozzle will become ___.

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17. Protective mid-soles in your safety footwear are designed to:

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18. Occupational asthma can make it impossible to work with specific materials. How is it caused?

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19. What does your employer’s health and safety policy tell you?

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20. When you are drilling, grinding, sanding or dusting, how can you protect your lungs from long-term respiratory damage?

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21. Which activity could create the biggest risk for lead poisoning in a situation where control measures are not being exercised?

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22. You should always wear appropriate boots when working in wet cement because____.

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23. What’s the FIRST thing you should do if someone who is working in a deep man hole collapses?

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24. If you see the word “SENSITISER” on a bottled substance, this means that____.

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25. What TWO methods can you use to reduce the amount of dust from becoming airborne? (Choose 2 answers)

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26. You believe that excess noise at the job site has damaged your hearing, what should you do ___.

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27. What should you do if you’re given a cable avoiding tool to use while working but you don’t know how to use it?

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28. What does the health and safety sign below mean?

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29. If there’s a well organised site transport system in place you will see all the following EXCEPT:

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30. Hazardous substances can be identified by ____.

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31. Which of these best describes working at height?

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32. Which of these TWO types of fire extinguishers are most suitable for use on electrical fires? (Choose 2 answers)

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33. Which image below tells you that the PPE you’re wearing confirms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards?

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34. Details about the site traffic rules are usually discussed:

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35. What should you do if you suspect someone about to start working on-site is under the influence of alcohol?

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36. What type of fire extinguisher is shown below?

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37. What should you do if you discover an unlabelled bottle of chemicals?

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38. Which TWO types of fire extinguishers should you avoid using in confined spaces? (Choose 2 answers)

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39. Which types of fire extinguishers were designed specifically for tackling Class F fires?

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40. Pedestrians are most likely injured by site vehicles when the vehicles are:

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41. A risk assessment is important because ___.

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42. Should hand tools such as saws, hammers and wire cutters be inspected?

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43. You have to work with hazardous substances, what should your employer check regularly?

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44. Exposure to which of these would most likely result in you contracting Weil’s disease?

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45. What would you do if you’re using a hammer and the head comes loose?

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46. What should you do if the toilet on your worksite doesn’t work and is always in a messy state?

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47. What should you do if you accidentally cut your finger and you can’t get it to stop bleeding?

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48. What could happen to a worker's health if warning signs regarding toxic substances are ignored or mishandled?

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49. How many (minimum) points of contact should you have with a ladder at all times?

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50. Which of the following is a physical means of protection?

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