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Welcome to our latest CSCS mock test full 2022 questions. To make it easier for you to practice for your test in 2022, we’ve created this mock exam with all the CSCS test questions and answers throughout this site.

There will be questions on pretty much every topic you’ll face in your real CSCS operatives test.

Topics include – fire extinguishers, working at height, manual handling, accident reporting, health and safety signs and much more. In keeping with the real test, this CSCS mock test full example will have 50 questions and all answers will be available after you’ve submitted your test. Please don’t forget to like or share if you found this mock exam useful. Good Luck!

Questions last updated on 1st January 2022.

1. The colour coding for a dry powder fire extinguisher is?

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2. Which of these must you do if you’re required to use an extension cable? (Choose 2 answers)

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3. Why is it important for workers using a half mask respirator to be clean shaven?

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4. You believe that excess noise at the job site has damaged your hearing, what should you do ___.

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5. How often should you replace your high-visibility clothing?

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6. All near misses should be reported:

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7. Which of these statements is true about storing materials on a working platform?

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8. What should you do FIRST if someone is unconscious but you are not a trained first aider?

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9. What does the health and safety sign below mean?

Health and safety sign for cscs test

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10. What should you do if the first aid box at your workplace is missing items or completely empty?

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11. You have to select appropriate PPE for a job, what’s the most important thing you should consider?

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12. Which TWO types of fire extinguishers should you avoid using in confined spaces? (Choose 2 answers)

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13. You should tell your employer if you have contracted Weil’s disease on site because:

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14. What should you do if a fire breaks out and you’ve not been trained to use a fire extinguisher?

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15. You witness a scaffold collapse, if you’re questioned about this accident you should:

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16. Should hand tools such as saws, hammers and wire cutters be inspected?

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17. What should you do if the guard from a power tool you need to use is missing?

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18. If there’s a well organised site transport system in place you will see all the following EXCEPT:

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19. Safe manual handling techniques are essential in the workplace because___.

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20. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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21. To operate a plant on site you must: (Choose 2 answers)

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22. What should you do if the ladder you’re about to use is damaged?

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23. Disposable masks should be used no more than ___.

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24. What should you do if you’re unsure about a particular topic discussed during a site induction?

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25. If your job requires you to use a hazardous substance whose responsibility is it to explain the health risks and safe method of work you need to follow?

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26. What type of fire extinguisher is shown below?


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27. What would you do if you’re using a hammer and the head comes loose?

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28. What type of fire extinguisher is shown below?


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29. Checking a ladder before use should be done by ___.

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30. What should you do if your supervisor asks you to drive a truck but you have never driven one before?

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31. If you discover asbestos while working you should _____.

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32. Which of the following is possible if you inhale asbestos dust?

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33. One of the most important location to remember on your jobsite is:

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34. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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35. How should your body be positioned when lifting a load?

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36. Which of these fire extinguisher is most suitable for electrical fires?

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37. After raising a fire alarm, what’s the next thing you should do?

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38. Which of these would you not put a mobile tower scaffold on?

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39. Safety footwear should be worn on-site______?

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40. High levels of dust can be inhaled when performing tasks such as grinding, drilling, sanding and cutting. These levels are most dangerous when:

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41. If you want to be a first aider at work you should___.

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42. What do yellow service pipes carry in relation to underground service pipes?

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43. Which image below tells you that the PPE you’re wearing confirms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards?

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44. What should you do if you’re working in a deep trench and you start to feel dizzy?

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45. What should you do if you accidentally drop your safety helmet and crack it?

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46. The best way to ensure a ladder is secured and won’t slip is to:

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47. If you need to operate a power tool you must be:

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48. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are identified by which colour?

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49. Which class of fire does magnesium and aluminium materials fall under?

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50. What are blue and white safety signs like the one below used to indicate?


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