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After completing all the necessary revision and practice questions the next step would be to book your CSCS test. There are three main ways of booking a CSCS test, you can choose to book either by phone, on the internet or by filling out an online application form that most third-party booking agents offer.

The cheapest and most convenient way of booking a CSCS test is to call 0344 9944 777 where a booking representative will take all your details and walk you through all the necessary requirements for you to sit your CSCS test. This is the preferred method for most people because any questions they have can be answered before actually booking the test.

If you decide to fill out the online application from a third-party booking agent make sure to confirm the overall cost of the test, cost of the CSCS card itself and the cost of any revision materials they might provide as part of a package before you complete the booking process.

Remember most CSCS booking agents will charge you a booking fee for their services so always ask if a booking fee applies and how much it is before confirming. The current price for the Health, Safety and Environment Test is £21 and the cost of the CSCS card itself is £36, but again check to confirm this before you book your CSCS test.

How to Book CSCS Test Online

To Book CSCS test online or book CSCS card test online, navigate to the CITB website page that is dedicated to the HSE Test Click on the Single Booking link if you are applying for yourself, or there is also a Group Booking link for 2 or more applicants.

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