CSCS Health and Safety Test Revision – Safety Signs

The CSCS Test revision notes below will focus on Health and Safety signs and their meanings, these safety signs are the ones you should know if you’re taking your CSCS test in 2022.

Safety signs are broken down into different colour categories, these are as follow:

Blue safety signs – Blue safety signs are used to indicate that an action is mandatory, this means you must do something e.g ear protection must be worn or safety boots must be worn.

Red safety signs – Red safety signs are used to indicate that an action is prohibited, some examples of prohibition signs include the popular no smoking sign and the no access for pedestrians sign.

Yellow safety signs – Yellow safety signs are known as hazard warning signs, these are used to indicate a hazard is present and you should be aware. Some hazard warning signs include the risk of electrocution signs and the laser beam warning sign.

Green safety signs – Green safety signs are safe condition signs. Some safe condition signs include the well-known emergency exit sign and the first aid sign.

Safety Sign Meaning
Safety-sign-11 Hearing Protection must be worn
blue-and-white-health-and-safety-sign Eye Protection must be worn
safety-footwear Safety footwear must be worn
Another-safety-sign-for-cscs-health-and-safety-test Safety gloves must be worn
safety-sign-102 High visibility clothing must be worn
safety-helmet-sign Safety helmet must be worn
safety-overalls Safety overalls must be worn
No-smoking-sign No smoking
safety-sign-14 No access for pedestrians
scaffolding-sign Incomplete or unsafe scaffold
no-escape-route-sign No escape route
safety-sign-20 Emergency assembly point
safety-sign-40 Emergency first aid shower
Emergency-exit Emergency exit or escape route
Green-safety-sign First Aid
eyewash-sign Emergency eyewash station
Risk-of-electrocution Risk of electrocution
flammable-substance Warning – flammable substance
laser-beams Warning – laser beams
health-and-safety-signs-yellow Industrial vehicles moving around
fire-fighting-equipment-kept-here-sign Fire fighting equipment kept here
Fire Fire alarm point
Red-and-white-health-and-safety-sign Fire hose reel location here

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