CITB Behavioural Case Study Practice Test

The CITB behavioural case study practice test below is an example of what you will face when taking your real CSCS test.

If you’re taking the test for the first time or if you’ve taken it before April 2012 then this section will be new to you and you should definitely practice with these case study example questions.

The behavioural case study section of the test consists of 12 multiple choice questions (3 scenarios with 4 questions each) which are aimed at testing your reaction to health and safety situations as they unfold on-site, you will need to put yourself in the shoes of the person in the question and choose what he/she should do every time a new situation arises.

Here’s a quick behavioural case study practice test

1. John turns up for work on his first day; he is running a bit late and rushes into the office where his supervisor is waiting to give him his site induction. During his site induction the supervisor explains where the fire assembly point is located but John seems confused and can’t quite figure out where he should go if there’s a fire evacuation. What should John do?

2. After completing his induction, John is taken to his work area, he’s given ear defenders because he will be working in a hearing protection zone. John puts on the ear defenders but he notices that one pad in missing. What should John do?

3. John completes his task in the hearing protection zone and he’s heading to the canteen for his break. On his way there he notices a loose panel hanging from the ceiling which no one else seems to notice. What should John do?

4. After returning from his break, John is given a task which requires him to wear a full body harness but he’s never worn one before. What should John do?


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