Construction Skills Certification Scheme

The construction skills certification scheme or CSCS certification is a scheme developed to educate workers about safe working procedures and how to eliminate risks in the construction industry.

This scheme has had such a positive effect on the UK construction workforce that almost every major company is requesting a CSCS card from their staff as proof that they’re competent to perform their job role safely.

The main priority of the construction skills certification scheme is to ensure that workers are fully aware of the risks and dangers involved in their job roles and to offer safer alternatives to working procedures. According to the official CSCS website it’s estimated that well over 1.5 million people in the UK are CSCS qualified this includes supervisors, skilled workers, managers and even visitors who visit a work site.

This proves that the construction skills certification scheme has had quite a positive impact on the health and safety of workers within the construction industry.

One of the main reasons why the cscs qualification is so popular within the UK is because it offers health and safety advice and training on every type of job role within the construction industry for example there’s special training available for workers who work in confined spaces, working at heights, demolition and even plumbers.

This certification scheme works under a card system where everyone who successfully completes the training is given a card to prove that he or she has been deemed competent in the field and has undergone the required health and safety training.

These cards are fraud-proof and can be checked by potential employers at any given time via the internet.

For a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about CSCS cards visit our section on the basics of CSCS cards.

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