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CSCS Cards cover most occupations, and your work history, qualifications, and current job are the factors that will dictate the card classification you require, and thus the correct form to download. Your first task is to identify the correct card to apply for, and you can use the online cardfinder for this purpose.

The cardfinder will also confirm which CITB Health, Safety and Environment test you must complete in order to submit your application.

Types of CSCS Card Application

There are five versions of the CSCS Card application form available to download, identified as follows:

arrow3CSCS Craft and Operative level occupations application

arrow3Professionally Qualified Person application

arrow3CSCS TSM and AQP application

arrow3Profiled Route application

arrow3Employer Application

The various application requirements for each CSCS Card application form are outlined below:

CSCS Craft and Operative level occupations application

This application applies specifically to Construction Related Occupation (CRO), Labourer, or Escorted Site Visitor cards. Section A requests your personal information, and Section B is where you must correctly identify your occupation – from the CSCS online listings – and also specify the type of card for which you are applying.

Section C requires a completed declaration either from your present, or previous employer, or from another CSCS card holder. Remember to attach your passport photo and include your payment, plus any extra information specified in Section D, which outlines the certificates or extra evidence you must supply. Section E is then your final check list before sending off your application. Go to download page

Professionally Qualified Person application

This is a two-part form. Section A must show the applicant’s personal information and Job Title – which appears on the CSCS card itself. In addition, the applicant must specify details of the Professional Institution to which they belong.

Section B must then be completed by the ‘verifier’ – a person with an equal or higher-ranking qualification from the Professional Institution listed in section A. The form also confirms details of any certificate(s) required to support the application. Go to download page

CSCS TSM and AQP application

This Technical, Supervisor or Manager application requires completion of three sections. Section A requests your personal information and also requires a passport photo. Section B is where your occupation must be correctly identified, and this can be verified using the CSCS online listings. In addition, you must also specify the card type to which your application relates.

Section C demands a declaration from your present/previous employer, or else another CSCS card holder. Section D on the reverse of the form details any specific certificates or extra evidence required to support your application. And section E is your final checklist to confirm everything is in order before sending off your application. Go to download page

Profiled Route application

The CSCS Profiled Route is applicable to a number of competent and experienced Construction Site Supervisors and Managers. This CSCS card pathway is rigorously audited and therefore all applicants are requested to check the stipulated requirements carefully prior to submitting an application. Section A details the applicant’s personal information and also requires a passport photo.

The occupation and card type required must then be indicated in section B. In section C which follows, a declaration is required from the applicant’s current or previous employer. Section D then details the additional evidence which is required to support the application. And section E is a handy checklist of all submission requirements. Go to download page

Employer application

This form enables employers to make a convenient application for multiple CSCS cards. The detailed eligibility requirements for each type of card are listed in full detail. To facilitate this type of application, it is essential for employers to nominate an individual to contact in order to avoid processing delays. Go to download page

As always, if you need help or further assistance on choosing which CSCS card application form to download you can contact CSCS directly by clicking here.

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