CSCS Card Cost

One of the main questions asked when applying for a CSCS card is how much does a CSCS card cost? The actual card itself costs £36 inclusive of  20% vat, but before you can get the card there are a few factors that can increase the overall cost of acquiring your CSCS card, one of which is mandatory and the other depends on if you use a third party company to help with the CSCS card application process.

Firstly there’s the Health Safety and Environment Test which is mandatory for those applying for their respective cards, the cost of this test is £21 which is not included in the £36 mentioned above.

So put simply the minimum cost for acquiring your CSCS card will be £57, this covers both the health and safety test and the physical card you receive when you pass the test, this does not include help and support from any third-party company. This would be the preferred method for anyone looking to get their CSCS card on a budget as it removes any additional services to your CSCS card cost.

Another factor that can influence your final CSCS card cost is whether or not you use a third-party company to book your test. These third-party companies are well known for adding on additional costs to cover revision materials and study guides and quite a few of them also charge candidates a booking fee for using their service.

This is the preferred method for most people because these companies offer help every step of the way, from filling out the CSCS card application form to giving tips and advice on taking and passing the test.

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