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CSCS Card Test Questions – Noise and Vibration

The 23 CSCS card test question below covers all the questions you will need to answer from the Noise and Vibration section of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test in 2022.

The questions in this section highlights how important and necessary it is to protect yourself from excess noise and vibration at work.

To pass, you’ll need to answer at least 20 of these CSCS card test questions correctly. Good luck.

1. HAVS is a common health and safety term in the construction industry, what does HAVS stand for?

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2. Give TWO answers as to how excess noise can affect your hearing. (Choose 2 answers)

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3. It is a general rule that noise levels may be excessive if you must shout to speak to someone how far away?

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4. Which tool is most likely to cause hand-arm vibration syndrome?

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5. You find yourself on the job site next to a co-worker who is using a loud piece of machinery. You are wearing no hearing protection. What do you need to do?

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6. What does it mean if you can feel a tingle in the end your fingers immediately after using a vibrating tool?

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7. What can you do to reduce the effects of hand arm vibration if you have to use vibrating tools?

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8. What is a common sign that you have noise related hearing damage?

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9. What health condition is most likely if a worker uses a grinder without adequate hearing protection?

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10. Your job requires you to wear ear defenders while on site. However, one ear-pad is missing. What should you do?

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11. Hand-arm vibration syndrome or vibration white finger can be described as ___.

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12. When are you LESS likely to suffer from hand-arm vibration syndrome?

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13. What is the main purpose of hearing protection?

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14. You believe that excess noise at the job site has damaged your hearing. What do you need to do?

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15. What should you do if you want to reduce the risk of hand arm vibration while using a vibrating tool?

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16. You use hand-held vibrating tools regularly, what serious health problem is this most likely to cause?

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17. For maximum protection, how should you insert disposable foam ear plugs?

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18. Over time, excess noise can damage your hearing. Can this damage be reversed?

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19. What should you do if your doctor says you have hand-arm vibration syndrome and he/she believes it was most likely caused through your work?

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20. Which TWO of these are likely potential health issues for someone who uses a hammer drill for long periods of time? (Choose 2 answers)

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21. Over time, excess noise can damage your hearing. Which of these is an early sign of this?

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22. You have just finished working with a very noisy piece of equipment and you have a ringing in your ears. What does this symptom imply?

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23. Which THREE are early signs that you may have hand-arm vibration syndrome? (Choose 3 answers)

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