CSCS Interactive Working at Height Mock Test

This CSCS health and safety test is another one of our interactive mock exams designed to test your knowledge on some of the commonly asked working at height CSCS test questions.

For this practice test there will be 13 questions all based on the topic “working at height”. Each question will require a single answer and all questions must be answered before you can submit and get your results.

If you would like to read through a few of the questions and their answers before attempting this CSCS working at height mock test please visit this page or if you are confident in your knowledge of safe working practices then you can begin straight away. Good Luck!

1. Checking a ladder before use should be done by?

2. Which of these would you not put a mobile tower scaffold on?

3. How many (minimum) points of contact should you have with a ladder at all times?

4. Which of these best describes working at height?

5. The best way to ensure a ladder is secured and won’t slip is to:

6. Which of these statements is true about storing materials on a working platform?

7. Ladders should never be painted because:

8. What should you do if you need to use a mobile tower scaffold but the wheel brakes aren’t working?

9. What should you do if the ladder you’re about to use is damaged?

10. Which of these statements is true about using ladders?

11. What is the leading cause of death among construction workers?

12. All of the following statements are true about using podium steps EXCEPT?

13. If you have to use a ladder, what angle should you adjust the ladder to?


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Comments (12)

  1. Dillon says:

    10/13 not bad for my first try seeing i havent learnt about some of this yet

  2. NİHAT ARTER says:

    Very helpful questions.

  3. M.Adam says:

    49 out of fifty and 13 out 15, 17 out 20 and 13 out of 13.

  4. Martin hulme says:

    Good site happy days 50\50

  5. Roddy says:

    First attempt 13/13

  6. Sean O'connor says:

    Very helpful, last did cscs in 20011, think you have to get more right now than before.
    Fire extinguishers trip most people up, so worth revising. Read questions carefully & you should pass, mostly common sence.

  7. david pearson says:

    13 out of 13 good job

  8. jeff says:

    50 out 50 happy day

  9. Paul waggott says:

    brilliant revision 13 out of 13.

  10. malcolm sutton says:

    I really learn a lot

  11. Peter says:

    Thanks. Never too old or experienced for revision and updating

  12. sebastian says:

    thanks for the help

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