CSCS Mock Exam – PPE Questions

PPE or personal protective equipment is one of the core topics of the CSCS test, this CSCS mock exam will have all its questions based on PPE and hopefully, after completing this practice test you’ll have a much better understanding of how the PPE questions are formed and how this CSCS mock exam could help you get your CSCS card.

CSCS Mock Exam Questions based on PPE

1. Does an employee have to pay for his own PPE?

A.  Yes it’s your responsibility to protect yourself

B.  No, it’s the employer’s duty to provide the necessary PPE

C.  Yes, if you misplace the one your employer provides

D.  Yes, if the ones given are not comfortable

Answer: B

2. What should you do if your safety boots get damaged?

A.  Attempt to fix it

B.  Replace it with your trainers

C.  Continue working until the end of your shift

D.  Stop all work until you get a replacement

Answer: D

3. What does RPE stand for?

A.  Respiratory protective equipment

B.  Right protective equipment

C.  Regular protective equipment

D.  Respiratory preventative equipment

Answer: A

4. Is it safe to drill air holes in your safety helmet?

A.  Yes, if it’s extremely hot

B.  Yes, you must get your supervisor’s permission first

C.  No, this goes against the manufacturer’s design for optimal safety

D.  Yes, only if they’re tiny holes

Answer: C

5. If your dust mask does not fit correctly what should you do?

A.  Carry on working and keep adjusting it

B.  Stop at regular intervals to adjust it

C.  Take it off and carry on working

D.  Replace it immediately with one that fits securely

Answer: D

6. When should safety helmets be worn on site?

A.  Always

B.  Only when it’s raining

C.  Only when someone is working above you

D.  Only when it’s snowing

Answer: A

7. Whose duty is it to provide necessary PPE?

A.  Your health and safety rep

B.  Your own

C.  Your employer

D.  The HSE

Answer: C

8. Wearing anti-vibration gloves means:

A.  You are completely protected against vibration

B.  You can use machinery for extended periods of time

C.  There’s still a possibility that the vibration will affect you

D.  You will feel absolutely no vibration

Answer: C

9. What should you do to make sure your dust mask fits correctly?

A.  Do a face fit test

B.  Use a piece of string to tie and secure it

C.  Wrap it around your head twice

D.  Have someone look at it to make sure it’s securely fastened

Answer: A

10. Safety helmets can be uncomfortable to wear, what should you do when the weather is really hot?

A.  Wear it tilted to the right side

B.  Wear it tilted to the left side

C.  Wear it tilted backwards

D.  Wear it according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Answer: D

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