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CSCS Mock Test Full 50 Questions 2020

This CSCS card mock test is a full 50 questions example designed to help you practice and prepare for your real Health, Safety and Environment Test in 2020. All the questions will be pulled at random from some of the core health and safety topics covered in the real CSCS test.

For the real test, you will have 45 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have a good theoretical knowledge of many health and safety topics before you can pass your test and apply for your CSCS card.

Most of the questions in the real test will require a single answer but there a few which require multiple answers. In keeping with this format we’ve added questions that require multiple answers so you can get the full experience when attempting any of our CSCS mock tests.

If a question requires two answers you’ll need to choose both correct answers before you can get a full point for that question, so please ensure that you read each question carefully. Good luck!

Questions last updated on 01 January, 2020

1. What do yellow and black health and safety signs like the one below mean?


Question 1 of 50

2. You are required to undertake some work that will produce dust. What will you need to do?

Question 2 of 50

3. Guard rails placed around the top of an excavation are meant to ___.

Question 3 of 50

4. What should you do if one of your colleague has a nail stuck in their foot and you are not a trained first aider?

Question 4 of 50

5. If you’re in an accident, which of these does NOT have to be recorded in the accident book? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 5 of 50

6. A risk assessment is important because ____.

Question 6 of 50

7. What’s the FIRST thing you should do if someone who is working in a deep man hole collapses?

Question 7 of 50

8. Protective mid-soles in your safety footwear are designed to:

Question 8 of 50

9. An excavation should be battered back or stepped if ___.

Question 9 of 50

10. Which of these should not be in a first-aid kit?

Question 10 of 50

11. To ensure maximum protection when using a mask you should ____.

Question 11 of 50

12. What do yellow service pipes carry in relation to underground service pipes?

Question 12 of 50

13. Which statement regarding asbestos is true?

Question 13 of 50

14. What should you do if the first aid box at your workplace is missing items or completely empty?

Question 14 of 50

15. All unsafe working practices should be reported immediately; whose responsibility is it to report unsafe working practices?

Question 15 of 50

16. What should you do if you’re given a task that requires you to wear a full body harness but you’ve never used one before?

Question 16 of 50

17. What should you do if the guard from a power tool you need to use is missing?

Question 17 of 50

18. Information regarding hazardous substances can be found in ___.

Question 18 of 50

19. You should report all serious accidents to_______.

Question 19 of 50

20. You have just finished working with a particularly noisy piece of equipment and you have a ringing in your ears. What does this symptom imply?

Question 20 of 50

21. What should you do if you notice a safety hazard that no one else seems to notice?

Question 21 of 50

22. What’s the first thing you should do if a colleague collapse and there are no first-aiders around?

Question 22 of 50

23. You believe that excess noise at the job site has damaged your hearing. What do you need to do?

Question 23 of 50

24. Hazardous substances can be identified by ____.

Question 24 of 50

25. What could happen if oxygen levels in a confined space drops below 8 percent?

Question 25 of 50

26. Which of these is true about using gloves while handling chemicals?

Question 26 of 50

27. If you need to operate a power tool you must be:

Question 27 of 50

28. What would you do if you’re using a hammer and the head comes loose?

Question 28 of 50

29. Why are site inductions important?

Question 29 of 50

30. Who is responsible for recording an injury in the accident book?

Question 30 of 50

31. Details about the site traffic rules are usually discussed:

Question 31 of 50

32. Before starting your shift you’re given a dust mask that’s too big and keeps falling off, what should you do?

Question 32 of 50

33. Over time, excess noise can damage your hearing. Which of these is an early sign of this?

Question 33 of 50

34. What should you do if you’re given a cable avoiding tool to use while working but you don’t know how to use it?

Question 34 of 50

35. What should you do if you accidentally cut your finger and you can’t get it to stop bleeding?

Question 35 of 50

36. Why is it important for you to keep your working environment clean and tidy?

Question 36 of 50

37. Information regarding your emergency assembly points will be ___.

Question 37 of 50

38. In the event of an accident a first aider can do all the following EXCEPT:

Question 38 of 50

39. What does the health and safety sign below mean?

Health and Safety Sign

Question 39 of 50

40. What does this signal mean?

Question 40 of 50

41. To operate a plant on site you must: (Choose 2 Answers)

Question 41 of 50

42. Pedestrians are most likely injured by site vehicles when the vehicles are:

Question 42 of 50

43. Methane gas is very dangerous in confined spaces because: (choose 2 answers)

Question 43 of 50

44. Which of these two types of fire extinguishers are most suitable for use on electrical fires? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 44 of 50

45. Which class of fire does magnesium and aluminium materials fall under?

Question 45 of 50

46. What should you do if the extension wire you need to use has a cut in the outer cover?

Question 46 of 50

47. Which of these statements is true about using ladders?

Question 47 of 50

48. Which of these should be worn on-site if there’s a risk of objects falling from above?

Question 48 of 50

49. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


Question 49 of 50

50. What should you do if the ladder you’re about to use is damaged?

Question 50 of 50


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Comments (353)

  1. mathew burton says:

    Wow these tests have changed since I last did them but I’m happy with my results as its the 1st time I have done it in 6 years ..39 out of 50 isn’t bad at all I think .keep goin and get better at it to all people who’s retrying for there CSCS card . Well done peeps.

  2. alex smith says:

    43/50,not bad but not good enough,must concentrate and read the questions correctly,miss read 5 questions and that could be costly.but over all a very good insight into what sort of thing we are up against now. very good mock test.

  3. Ant Fizul says:

    Im 18 and have worked on site previously but have never taken an exam or held a cscs card, 47 out of 50 is okay but is it 100% to pass?

  4. rich bennion says:

    46/50 not too bad… misread a couple too… need to concentrate more I do.

  5. john says:

    47/50 not 2 bad

  6. dave says:

    been out of the trade a long time but 40 /50 for a 65year old not to bad

    • scott says:

      65 yr old and been in the trade, must say u got more years than most for construction and safety, should have got at least 48.

  7. Aaron says:

    First time doing anything like this, only 17. Got 39/50 pretty chuffed to be honest.

  8. Barry Forster says:

    Well its 6 years since I sat test got 45 out of 50 surely this is a pass not bad for 71 year old need it for part time couple of weeks work, yes very different from 6 years ago


  9. David Cox says:

    liked this one 47 out of 50 is this a pass

      • Brandon says:

        The first time I done this is got 39 right I have never done anything like this before in only 20 but I left it for a little while came back and now I’m getting 47 to 49 right every time so I have now book my test in so hopefully I pass

  10. David says:

    47 out of 50 is a pass.

  11. John says:

    loved this first time ever doing it 43 out of 50 not bad very good mock test.

  12. tucker says:

    not bad for a first time 47/50 hopefully get 50/50 in the real test!!!!!

  13. Andy says:

    Great got 50/50 got my test in a few days looks like all my revising has paid off

  14. David says:

    Done me last one 10 years ago got 45/50 is this a pass ?

  15. andrew mccalla says:

    47 out of 50 need 2 pass this 2 get employed must try harder.

  16. Sam says:

    I did my real test on Friday and got 100% (50/50) thanks to these tests. Chuffed to bits really. There were a couple of questions that threw me a bit but I did external research based on the questions in these tests. Practice really does make perfect 🙂

  17. liam says:

    50/50 not done the test for about 8 years somethings you don’t forgot hey… Test needs booking tomorrow

  18. Liam Dickinson says:

    Hey I found this very helpful as I go for my CSCS card on the 13th is 43/50 a pass ?

    Regards Liam

  19. keyren says:

    45/50 not bad i guess, what is the pass rate please anybody?

  20. keyren says:

    45/50 not bad i guess, what is the pass rate anybody please?

  21. stephen says:

    44/50 Not bad I guess. Good test CITB revision book helped

  22. mcconachie says:


  23. Terry says:

    Having worked on a building site for 40 years and never sat a test pleased to say I got 50 out of 50 ( just common sense questions)

  24. robpowell says:

    42/50 not bad i think considering i have never thought about a career in construction.

  25. domkernaghan says:

    didnt revise, the easiest test in the world, the correct answer is pretty much thrown in your face. 45/50

  26. Nathan moodie says:

    46/50 booking test now

  27. Martin says:

    What a good site and great resource for people wanting to learn what to expect on the cscs.
    The best tip I could give to people after 20+ years of doing health safety is always read the question twice and think about it before you answer.

    • Adam says:

      Your definitely right there. Look out for the must nots and must. That can easily catch you out when your fast answering so you can catch the McDonald breakfast Pmsl. And the same question worded slightly different to catch you out guessing the answers. Just look and listen.

  28. daniel byrne says:

    45 out of 50 first time ever is that a pass?

  29. mike hampson says:

    49/50 smashed it

  30. Ryan Lakic says:

    Found out I need to renew mine today, booked and payed for it for tomorrow evening.
    This is a great website for getting a good feel of what the test would be like.

  31. chris bohana says:

    47 out of 50 is that a pass

  32. Keiran says:

    Got my test on saturday, never worked on a site before but have been offered a job. Haven’t revised but scored 42/50. Need to get my head down tomorrow and do a little revision though.

    • Adam says:

      You would of passed it by now but the best tip I would give is always answer all of these when that’s one of the answers. Still read the question in case it’s a trick one as they tend to do that once in a while. 90% of the time that’s the right answer.

  33. Keiran says:

    Second attempt 50/50

  34. Stuart dawe says:

    I got 46 out of 50 is that a pass or not I don’t no I did OK on it need to take more time on the questions though.

  35. Del Townsend says:

    I got 41 out of 50 so it’s a pass for me and I have never done 1 before or worked in Construction, but I am looking for a new direction and I think it will be in the construction industry.

  36. Matthew southern says:

    First time ever never worked on a site 31/50 second time 49/50 test Monday only 16

  37. Donald says:

    50/50 good test but could do with some hazard signs.

  38. Donald says:

    50 out 50 but could do with some sign questions Still a good test.

  39. g woolley says:

    Really helpful

  40. g woolley says:

    Good test

  41. scott says:

    Got 42 got my test today would that be a pass score

  42. Stuart dawe says:

    I got fifty out of fifty today I have got my test today so hope to do well in it and pass a good CSCS mock test though I have been doing them for the last two weeks they are great.

  43. Rou says:

    What’s the pass mark for operative test?

  44. gareth bradley says:

    Is 32 a pass?

  45. Steve says:

    Failed my test as did not revise before at all never done before this can catch you out although majority of it is common sense depends what questions u get I suppose

  46. Kieran says:

    Easiest test in the world. I’ve never previously done any site safety test or been in that field, but I scored 45/50 on my first attempt… It’s good to know I’ve always got construction to fall back on now 🙂

  47. eduards says:

    49/50 nice 1;)

  48. Dave Lawson says:

    48/50…Identifying fire extinguisher colours threw me lol….no bad for first time i guess….most of it common sense really

  49. Angela says:

    First time ever doing this mock and not studying for it and got 49/50.

  50. Connor Holdsworth says:

    Are all the questions multiple choice i have my test at 7pm and keep getting 49/50

    is the pass mark 48 or 47?


  51. John morrison says:

    Not bad 47 out of 50 questions answered correctly and no revising

  52. bob says:

    this has changed a bit not done it for 5 years though so 45/50 not to bad for first try.

  53. david says:

    Got test friday 50/50 bring it on!!!!

  54. adam says:

    45 out of 50 for my first ever attempt is not to bad I think.

  55. George Vansittart says:

    43 out of 50 pretty proud would that be a pass as need to know as got my test in a week.

  56. Jack says:

    whats the pass mark

  57. john turnell says:

    Took me 3 minutes got 50 out of 50 but I always worked in construction.

  58. john turnell says:

    Its easy if u take out 2 answers that look different and look at the 2 that can be got my test today

  59. Ray T Arrd says:

    Very,very think you know it all,then reality check..any more than 3 questions wrong and the CSCS card ur applying for has just grew wings and flew away..extremely helpful this has been

  60. barrie martin says:

    I’ve done this test several times after 3years and got 36 out 50 keep trying till you get stuck in your head now i got 50/50 3 times and 48.

  61. Office Girl says:

    I work in an office and did this in my lunch break as one of my co-workers said their son was doing it. I have never even operated a power tool, put a fire out, done any first aid or fire training, let alone set foot on a building site and I got 46/50. Seemed to be common sense or maybe I have missed my vocation…

  62. newbie says:

    First time taking this test got 36/50 mostly fire extinguishers I failed on.

  63. stella says:

    Not a bad result this is first time doing the test and don’t even work in construction.

  64. Jim says:

    Not bad 1st attempt 47. Second 50. Well pleased with mock test and results.

  65. moses says:

    it takes a lot of practice and patience you have to read the questions carefully and make sure you understand the question to give the right answer and know what it means the site safety signs and the reasons and what uses are for the fire extinguishers , colour coding meanings I’m studying hard almost every night, was getting 46 or 48 out of 50 now getting the full 50.

    Then the shorter questions 13 out of 13 ,15 out of 15 and so on ,i criss cross and zig zag and do attempt different questions as you never know whats going to come up so hopefully when i go to sit the test ill be ready , get in get done so if i wanna get it on come on practice makes perfect and perfect gets good results……

  66. Col Gillie says:

    50/50 Not bad, but did do NEBOSH some years ago so would be a bit embarrassing to fail!

  67. Jonny Fawthrop says:

    47/50 on both mock tests and got my CSCS card exam this Saturday should smash it!

  68. Jen says:

    I’m. 30 yr old female, never set foot on a building site – I thought 41 out of 50 weren’t bad at all.

  69. Steve says:

    49/50 first time ever doing something like this.. beginners luck im thinking.. or I just have plenty of common sense 😉

  70. Muharrib says:

    Got 48/50 first time only because I did not read the questions that I got wrong properly.
    Teaches you a lesson to READ THE QUESTION FULLY!

  71. clive says:

    just tried this first time 48-50 time served welder so I should

  72. Gez says:

    Not done one of these for 7 years and scored 50 out 50…impressed myself 🙂

  73. daz says:

    First time taking test scored 48/50 well chuffed.

  74. Hristo says:

    First time for me too, without even book or DVD! 41/50 is not too bad I think!

  75. Jason Huskie says:

    I got 46/50.. is this a pass on the real one?

  76. Jacky Regis says:

    47/50 62 yrs old female who has taken a SMSTS course 3 yrs ago so not bad I think.

  77. David Newton says:

    Never tried this before and I’m very happy with 49/50. Maybe I should do the test for real.

  78. Ricki says:

    What test should I do that will help me with my labouring test please.

  79. jason says:

    well ive never done this test b4 an i scored 40 is this good or bad 🙂

  80. Susan Bennett says:

    60 year old female nurse never worked on a building site scored 47/50 just trying the mock test for fun.

  81. stevie says:

    5 yrs since last did my CSCS card,did this mock yesterday 45/50 revised today and did all the mocks and today 50/50. read carefully and revise over and over.

  82. Michael says:

    49/50! Sweet, now to go get my card

  83. michaela says:

    what is the pass mark you need for the full test please ??

  84. godfrey says:

    may i please know the pass mark for this exams. am totally confused. seems no one knows exactly what the past mark is

  85. dougie says:

    I have been out the building trade for over 10yrs and did the test when it first ever came out I done this test to see how i get on and got 45/50 I didn’t read the questions I got wrong properly so I think I did extremely well considering the amount of years I last did it are these all the questions you get in the test as they seem different from when I last did, I’m now thinking of taking the test and getting back into it..I feel chuffed at my score.

  86. Kwaku Acheampong says:

    First time taking this test and I got 43 out of 50. Admin, could you kindly tell me what is the PASS MARK in the real test please.


  87. Pete Hunt says:

    It has been a few years since I put my old brain through this kind of torment, however, having been around for a long time helped and I am happy with 49 out of 50.
    Learn from mistakes and keep at it.

  88. Andrej says:

    Im going on test this saturday and when im doing this test im geting 47 – 49 its will be hard for me? Like they gonna give me different questions?

  89. Steven says:

    yay! 48 out of 50! getting there. great site guy’s, very useful.

  90. Jack says:

    I got 46 out of 50, I’m going in for the operative test tomorrow morning. What is the pass mark does anybody know for sure? I’ve been told 80% but also 47. I’m sure the 47 is for the higher exams for supervisors and skilled workers where there are also case study questions? Thanks for any help.

  91. david pearson says:

    Never done anything like this before but got 40 out of 50 at my first go

  92. david pearson says:

    well 2nd attempt i got 47 out of 50 getting there !!!

  93. Darren says:

    Been off site for 6 yrs + but got 46/50 … What is the pass mark now and I will get better !!

  94. david pearson says:

    well tried again a few days later than the last one and did the same 47 out of 50

  95. daniel hopkins says:

    45 out of 50 not bad first time and no revising

  96. James says:

    Been thinking about doing my CSCS to get painting work on site!

  97. david pearson says:

    i seem to be consistent getting 47 out of 50 each time

  98. david pearson says:

    50 out of 50 good job doing these at least a couple of times a day seems to be sinking in

  99. stephen forrester says:

    40-50 no revision at all caught out on fire related questions and double answers, still a pass?


    I have worked as a building contractor since I was 22yrs old. I am now 66yrs old and this is the first time that I have ever taken this test I scored 42 out of 50. Will try harder.

  101. david pearson says:

    been getting into a routine of at least doing a couple of these everyday and it seems to be working as i keep getting 50 out 50 on each different test,hopefully will keep me in good stead until my test on the 18th

  102. peter exley says:

    i got 48 not 47 good luck to you all

  103. peter exley says:

    getting there, good luck + b safe every one.(49)it`s a good test.

    • Hercules says:

      It’s the first time I’ve tried the test and I scored 33/50. I’m from Greece and I’m willing to work in the U.K. I have some problem with the language. Do you know if the test is set in other languages? I would be grateful if you would let me know?

  104. saroop says:

    46 out of 50, pretty good for first attempt. I did it without revising. Fire is the only one where you have to know the answers. The rest is common sense.

  105. luke fusco says:

    45 out of 50 is that a pass?

  106. Joe Carr says:

    First time for a 62 year old coming back to England after 9 years, by it has all changed, but 45 out of 50 not bad.

  107. robbie moore says:

    44 out of 50 is that a pass ?love this site

  108. Tom Armstrong says:

    I got 45/50 first time is this a pass?

  109. Clive says:

    I’ve practice for a few days and just took this test for the first time. Glad to say I’ve got 48/50..
    I am doing the proper one on Wednesday..

  110. paul skinner says:

    i got 49 out of 50 only because i miss read one question well i should get full marks on my test tomorrow 🙂

  111. Leanne says:

    I look like the only woman who’s done this mock, hope I don’t let the side down lol 47 not bad first try, test next week!

  112. keeran says:

    50 out of 50 yes boy

  113. Thomas Wootton says:

    First attemt 44 second 46 third 48 and fourth 50

  114. Brad says:

    Got 50 out of 50 just got to keep doing it got proper one next week

  115. Luke says:

    48 questions right going to take test tomorrow

  116. kane says:

    i got 49/50, i’m 17 years old, i’m quite happy wih my result!

  117. John says:

    50/50 get in there. very confident of passing now..

  118. marc douglas says:

    knocked the ball out the park, smashed it 50/50 be back tomorrow well done me.

  119. Andy Ellis says:

    test tomorrow averaging 47/50
    Fingers crossed
    Will let you no

  120. Damien Jeffries says:

    Hi everyone the 1st time I did this test I got 28 out of 50 then I took it again and got 44 I wasn’t happy with that so I took the test for the 3rd time and I got 50 out of 50 just keep trying your test over and over again can’t wait for my test now good luck too everyone who is taking their test

  121. Anthony says:

    48/50 and I do not work in this industry. Just used both common sense and read the questions carefully. Really shocked that people on this forum who work in this industry for years get less than 48!!!!

  122. Connor rowsell says:

    i got 47 on my first go!!

  123. Syed says:

    I got 49 out off 50 in first attempt

  124. Brad says:

    Never worked on a site..going into this 41/50 quite happy considering! Defo useful

  125. carl says:

    46 of 50 not been in industry for
    two years very happy

  126. Martyn says:

    60 year old, temp supervisor
    First time 48/50
    Not sure
    Fire types and extinguisher colours caught me out.

  127. jay says:

    44/50 2nd attempt with no revision not bad

  128. Dermot Collins says:

    Just passed my test today! Thanks to this site for all the info 🙂

  129. Greg dowling says:

    50/50 second attempt not to bad …

  130. p hollis says:

    40 out of 50 but although disappointed not 47 pass rate im not too disheartened as ive got 4 days of the course left yet and half the questions I haven’t covered yet in the training course. And ive never done this type of work/course before-But going to keep revising. DONT WANT TO FAIL!!

  131. Kerry says:

    Got 47 not bad

  132. Dave says:

    50/50 but I did wing it on the class of fire does magnesium and aluminium materials fall under question.

  133. Have my test on Friday, Glad I did this first as I got 48/50, did it in about ten mins…. but the two I got wrong, I knew the answer and misread the question, cant afford to do that on the day, so a well worth piece of practice

  134. Suren Ramdul says:

    very good 49 out of 50 practice test.

  135. Darren says:

    Just done the test got 47 out of 50 should of got another one right not concentrating enough test in the next week still pretty happy coz not used the brain for a while and after all your brains a muscle so the more you use it the better it performs.revise revise revise good luck everyone .P’s my downfall are fire extinguishers which if u look on the site you can get questions on just them excellent site

    • Connor says:

      I was worried about the fire extinguisher part of it too, I sat here for two days going over them, but when I took the test I was only asked one question that was fire related, and that was what do you do when you discover a fire.. But I’d go over them anyway just in case you do get them come up, but I wouldn’t worry too much 🙂

  136. david pearson says:

    Well last did this on june 8th took my test on the 18th june and passed still waiting for my card though ???? Bummer anyway just tried this test again the first time since the 8th and got 49 out of 50

  137. darren says:

    got 49/50 not concentrating again should of got them all right but im happy with tht plus there was afew fire exstiguiser questions tht r my downfall and i got em right practise makes perfect

  138. Peter miller says:

    43 out of 50 was a good effort for first time and not revised for it. Need practice with fire extinguishers !!

  139. Adam Furmidge says:

    50 out of 50 boss this I think I am ready for my exam tomorrow hopefully I do the same then 🙂

  140. Jawad says:

    49/50 rather cuffed with that score but is it a pass? Please let me know thanks

  141. Michael says:

    44 out of 50

  142. Karl says:

    48 / 50 only done the test 3 times lol
    Ill smash this on Wednesday 🙂
    Fingers crossed still !!

  143. Alan bridge says:

    Not done a cscs test for a few years , after panicking , I completed this mock test just to brush up , 49 out of 50 !! Pheww !!
    This was really helpful and encourage others to mock test themselves , it did wonders for my confidence .

  144. Wilfred says:

    50 OUT OF 50 IN 20MIN

  145. Kwak ngegba says:

    I got 50 out of 50 what a tricky questions, some of them.

  146. james heald says:

    first time doing this never done anything like it only ever worked in a warehouse, but got 39/50 not bad can only get better by trying

  147. Rodel says:

    Very challenging questions 42 out of 50

  148. Simon says:

    42/50 (fail) first time, 50/50 (pass) second time. Although, they were the same questions so memory carried me through. I’ve not revised and never worked in construction so I didn’t expect to get 100% first time, but I am looking to build a career working on sites so I have some work in store for my little brain.

  149. Juan Esquivel says:

    First time I’ve done and got 45/50, need more practice, I think

  150. Clive says:

    50/50 People, these tests are not designed to trip you up. They are designed to test your knowledge of site health and safety. Read the question and if there is one obvious answer to you, then that is the answer. The only knowledge you will need is probably signage and fire extinguisher colours. Good luck.

  151. petrina says:

    Housewife age 50 never worked anywhere near building site got 45 correct no revision …just curious about the questions as my sons wanting to book the test ..

  152. PiL says:

    Passed my cscs test earlier today with a score of 48/50.
    Thought id try this mock in order to better it but instead i scored 47, so there you go.. lol
    Good Luck to everyone taking the test.

  153. sean lowrie says:

    49 out of 50 … happy with that

  154. wesley says:

    18 years old, apprentice welder been practicing this test for two days got 50/50 today

  155. lee says:

    only 17 never thought about construction in my life untill my brother started talking about it just looked up this test about an hour ago and mange to get 43/50 would that be a pass ? 🙂

  156. patrick says:

    i did my test and score 49 and was very please

  157. chris says:

    Just done my first test age 60, 48 score should have got 50 misread two questions .

  158. colin says:

    First try 48 out of 50 misread one should be enough to pass

  159. Bob says:

    just got 49 out of 50 right good practice though

  160. bradley says:

    My test is next week just scored 49/50 hope I do just as well next week

  161. david monbelly says:

    very good test first attempt on this site. 43/50 not bad keep trying.

  162. david says:

    50/50 second attempt, practice makes perfect, do the same in real test. hopefully.

  163. mohammed says:

    got 47/50. new questions i havent seen before.

  164. Lee Hart says:

    Well, 49/50 on first attempt….

    My CSCS Exam is on 22nd December 2015 and my SMSTS course starts on 4th January 2016….

    Vocation change for me!!

  165. 47 out of 50 am happy with that

  166. Scott Darbyshire says:

    i got 45 out of 50 and I have my test in two days, how many do I need to get right to pass this? Ill keep practising

  167. shahid says:

    Hi this is my first attempt and got 43/50. Hopefully next time I’l get better result.

  168. Alan Toulson says:

    48out of 50 first time in 7 years. Fire extinguishers let me down. Must revise

  169. John says:

    47/50 first time got my test today!!!

  170. Paddy says:

    48 out of 50 that good going don,t you think,

  171. m gorman says:

    Got 47 out of 50 very good test

  172. joe says:

    45 out of 50 first ever attempt happy with that

  173. Marius says:

    Hi! i looked on youtube for questions and answers cscs,and today i fail the test, and now i find here this one and it s more useful! good job..i made 44 points for first time.

  174. Bryn says:

    47 out of 50 first time need to revise my fire extinguisher’s …..not bad !!

  175. Robert Hibbins says:

    Yippee passed first time 49 out of 50

  176. William says:

    Got my exam today, I have been through these questions a few times but I am not confident about the 46/50 pass rate, good luck everyone!

  177. Khye says:

    47/50 all though going back over the answers I can only find 2 wrong but still happy first attempt at it. Test is at 11 today so hopefully pass.

  178. michael rigg says:

    46 out of 50 happy with that considering not took test in 6 years and few of the questions are different

  179. Ryan says:

    got 48/50 i have my test Saturday what is the pass rate?

  180. E says:

    Past 100%
    I’m not English lol

  181. Marius says:

    34. As an employee it’s your responsibility to do all the following EXCEPT: (choose two answers)
    Raise concerns about safety issues
    Write your own risk assessments
    Report unsafe working practices
    Provide your own PPE

    I’ve put as answers A and C. But it said that the correct one is B and D. It’s something wrong or not?

    • admin admin says:

      The questions says “Except”, A and C are required but B and D are not your responsibilities. So the answer is B and D. Hope this helps.

  182. Keith (mac) says:

    I got 48 out of 50, I am chuffed with that, never done one before.

  183. mauricio says:


  184. Paul M says:

    Just did the test no rev straight in 44 -50 now all I have to do is find a place to do it.

  185. alieu says:

    my first ever test I score 42 out of 50

  186. ilas says:

    34/50 i should do more

  187. Sambo says:

    46 outa 50 first go… not bad

  188. g says:

    47/50 test in an hour lets hope i do better on da real thing

  189. g says:

    second time round 50/50

  190. David Barnham says:

    These tests are a great way of preparing for the real thing but can you tell me why i might have got 49 out of 50 with no incorrect answers?
    Every answer had a green tick, two where appropriate….
    i just want to make sure i am not missing something.

    • admin admin says:

      Some questions require multiple correct answers in order to get a full point for that question. If you select one correct and one incorrect answer, the question gets marked as incorrect.

  191. Donya garner says:

    Wow I scored a 42 / 50. Iv never workd on sit but my boyfriend does. It appears to be mostly common sense. Pretty pleased with my results. I’m even considering getting g a card now 😀

  192. Moosey says:

    50/50 on the second try.Not bad

  193. Tiggybear says:

    2 min 50 scored

  194. Frank says:

    47/50 1st try not bad

  195. Reggie says:

    I got 48 out of 50 what is the pass mark to get cscs card

  196. Cmulet says:

    49/50 and 50/50 on both tests should be a doddle for my real test which is tomorrow

  197. dominic francis battiniello says:

    hey 50 out of 50 ladies and gentlemen, think i should go for this test ? ive been wanting to get qualified and into construction for a while now. think booking this will be a good step towards my hopes?

  198. steve says:

    48/50 go me lol

  199. PAUL HARRISON says:

    45 out of 50 but got some wrong that should have been right just rushing I think slower next time and read it twice

  200. Danny crawford says:

    I got 48 out of the50

  201. Rab says:

    49 out of 50 – & It will be the same again tomorrow as I’ll never understand how leaving a site by the lift in the event of a fire – can be considered correct

    • admin admin says:

      The question says you can do all the following Except – which means you shouldn’t use a lift if there is a fire.

  202. Helen says:

    Just booked my husband on the test tomorrow, so I had a look for test materials to help him revise. Took the test, got 42. Not too upset as not in the trade!

  203. Samantha Needham says:

    I have been in the industry only a short time, just done the test and got 46/50, not too bad at all, just need to brush up on the 4 I got wrong and do the test a few more times. Good site to have.

  204. Dan Thompson says:

    This keeps telling me i get 48 or 49 correct but doesn’t show up any incorrect answers?? they all have ticks. any ideas??

    • admin admin says:

      Some questions require 2 correct answers for a full point, if you mark down one correct answer and one incorrect one it will not count as a full point.

  205. John says:

    48/50 Well pleased.Had I read one of the questions a second time properly it would have been 49.So the moral is actually read the questions FULLY so as you don’t miss a trick.Easy to do when steaming along.It’s the little things which can loose you points.

  206. Marley Newlands says:

    43/50 for first attempt not to bad, just need to keep trying, practise makes perfect so they say.

  207. Kevin potts says:

    50/50 I did my health and safety when I did my door supervisor exam

  208. John says:

    Passed today,48 out of 50,need now to apply for the new card, skilled operative category. Large drink for me I think tonight.

  209. andrew bashforth says:

    first time doing mock test and got 46 out of 50

  210. Thomas says:

    47/50 at first run. Thank you for the chance to do this test and learning some news. Regards from HUN.

  211. Frank says:

    Never stepped on a site before. Haven’t had any training in the running of a site but I got 38 out of 50 on my first try. Brush up on a few things and think I’ll be ready for my test in no time. Great little mock test but maybe they’ve made it slightly too simple? Most questions are straight forward and answers themselves.

  212. Frank says:

    Never stepped on a site before. Haven’t had any training in the running of a site but I got 38 out of 50 on my first try. On my second go I got 46.. it’s a pretty good test and to be honest the ones I got wrong were on things I haven’t learnt such as the categories of fire extinguishers. I will definitely run this test a few times before my real one. 45 is a pass right?

  213. 45 out of fifty first try then tried a different one and got 39 out of fifty on second try because I took a different mock exam great little tests and a good way to revise the sort of questions that could appear in the real thing I sit my health and safety exam tomorrow and then get put in for my cscs exam so wish me look folks

  214. Fiaz Ahmed says:

    Hi, I have got 43/50 . Thankyou Admin. Will try again for 50/50.

  215. alan mc says:

    respect to builders for this free service thanks

  216. Simon Brown says:

    You’ve scored 46 correct out of 50 questions.

    not bad, not a builder and never been on a site, but an engineer with a degree of common sense

  217. Michael Devlin says:

    this was my first time even seeing this test, and with no revision I got 47 correct, a lot of this is mostly common-sense I think. Lets hope I can do as good on the real one

  218. Paul mc says:

    Well pleased with that result 49 -50 bang on

  219. Thomas Edwards says:

    first time i took the test since i took it back when i got my cscs card got to renew my card as expired but got 44 out of 50 few more trys before test on Thursday then back to work lets go!! 🙂

  220. Joe king says:

    Frist time doing it 47/50 test tomorrow got good feeling about it this really helped

  221. John mac says:

    First time I have seen this I think it was good prep for the test

  222. Lyn says:

    I would have gotten 46 but didn’t read the question right, they were a lot easier than I thought.

  223. Chris says:

    Very good very helpful.

  224. Chris says:

    Doing my test Wednesday 49 out of 50 on mock test so here’s hoping.
    Great web site thanks to all that provided.

  225. James says:

    Very helpful site & certainly helped me when I applied for my cscs card 48/50 which I was well pleased with.

  226. ross miller says:

    45/50 average

  227. Matty says:

    45 on 50 on first time. nice nest i have 2 say, thanks.

  228. Alan McNair says:

    43 out of 50

  229. Paul Egginton says:

    48 out of 50 not bad roll on new year test.

  230. Nosh says:

    first attempt 45 / 50 not bad really

  231. Colin says:

    Great idea just started the 7 day course, great to practice the test

  232. Phil Taylor says:

    45 out of 50 with no training , no nothing, I’m not even in the industry!!

  233. ismail says:

    Horay i got 50 out of 50 shows if you study hard you can do it

  234. Joe says:

    I got 47/50 its my first time doing it i hope it,s same questions as i got my course on 12th jan

  235. stephen lee says:

    48/50 most are common sense but reading questions I must read more through

  236. Ismail says:

    Well i cant believe that I have just got 50 out of 50
    Questions for the test.
    Not bad for a person who has never even seen
    A construction site in action not a let worked
    In one…..,

  237. Michael says:

    42 out of 50 first time with no training its that good?

  238. PEZ says:

    48/50 that’ll do

  239. PEZ says:

    50/50 that’s better

  240. Stephen shaw says:

    46 out of 50 at first attempt. 2 wrong through not knowing and two wrong by not choosing ” all these answers”

  241. Kevin Dove says:

    Got 43 out of 50 first attempt would this be a pass

  242. Kieran Farrugia says:

    Got 36 out of 50 on my first ever try on a CSCS Test. Pretty happy with that

  243. Tomas griffinths says:

    29/50 not bad seems as first time doing this been in industry 26yrs now, test in morning wish me look

  244. Stefan Topoloaga says:

    Hi I’m Romanian and not know english
    First time 45 of 50 but i did think that is good

  245. paul allen says:

    42 out of 50 is that a pass rate not bad for first time.

  246. jane says:

    hi ive done a cscs course 2 weeks ago and I did my test for operatives and thanks to this site I passed first time 50 out of 50 also I passed my health and safety

  247. Daniel says:

    Hello, I have a course for Yellow CSR Visitor Card book by my employer, I am a structure engineer. Which test takes place after training course? Is it this one? 50 questions?

  248. Olly says:

    I have my test next week is it hard what do I need to pass?

  249. Michael Malia says:

    45/50 .. Been about 10+ years since I last sat this, how time flies !!

  250. Lee c says:

    Keep getting 47/50 is this enough to pass

  251. Superdon says:

    I have been revising for my cscs test and i’ve been doing numerous practice tests like this, averaging around 48-50/50. Also been on a one day course for health and safety, took a test and got 24/25.

    Yet when it comes to doing a health and safety pre-attendance test for a gas engineering college course, no such luck.

    Especially when the questions are set to trip me up like this:

    When using access equipment the HSE reccomend ladders… (select one option)

    1) use for light work
    2) use for a short period of time
    3) should be used to access a tower
    4) should never be used

    Anybody else had any problems with TRAIN4JOBS courses?

  252. Ehss says:

    I got 48/50, going for my test next week! Good Luck everyone 🙂

  253. Terry says:

    Hi just scored 45 out of 50 i would have scored 48 but due to not reading question properly i answered incorrect. So people remember to read questions twice before answering And good luck.

  254. Laurie Bellamy says:

    Got 49/50

  255. Paul Hill says:

    passed my test but cant find how to apply for a card ?

  256. Craig Marwick says:

    46 / 50 First attempt since my last test 5 years ago lol thats a fail i believe i have until Friday to improve that’ very handy site this ☺

  257. Craig Marwick says:

    47 / 50 2nd attempt thats a pass

  258. Martin McBride says:

    1st attempt ever and 47/50 but how many to pass??

  259. taren says:

    what is the pass rate

  260. Jacob says:

    I’m 16, I just got 50/50 I only done one month in college. It’s all about common sense other than the odd question about colour code.

  261. james brown says:

    47 out of 50 would I pass with that

  262. Zeni says:

    Quite a test!

    I obviously need to improve although not bad
    46 out of 50

  263. declan says:

    im 15 just getting ready for my cscs im nearly done in school now I got 46 out of 50 my third attempt

  264. Lucus says:

    i have got my CSCS thorey tomorrow and decided to put some practice in… i have just got 50/50 on my first attempt… hopefully i do the same tomorrow

  265. L I MARTIN says:

    For my first time I managed to get it 30 ok i will tray mor to have a good memori and a good help

  266. Josh says:

    Anybody know how many questions you have to get right to pass this test

  267. Alex says:

    First time talking mock test got 42 out of 50 don’t think that’s to bad time for the real one I think

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