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Welcome to our latest CSCS mock test full 2023 questions. To make it easier for you to practice for your test in 2023, we’ve created this mock exam with all the CSCS test questions and answers throughout this site.

There will be questions on pretty much every topic you’ll face in your real CSCS operatives test.

Topics include – fire extinguishers, working at height, manual handling, accident reporting, health and safety signs and much more. In keeping with the real test, this CSCS mock test full example will have 50 questions and all answers will be available after you’ve submitted your test. Please don’t forget to like or share if you found this mock exam useful. Good Luck!

Questions last updated on 1st January 2023.

1. Why are site inductions important?

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2. The colour coding for a dry powder fire extinguisher is?

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3. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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4. What should you do if you’re working in a deep trench and you start to feel dizzy?

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5. As an employee, it’s your responsibility to do all the following EXCEPT: (Choose 2 answers)

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6. Wearing a safety helmet in hot weather can be uncomfortable, which of these is true about wearing a safety helmet in hot weather?

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7. You need to clear up rubble inside a building, why should you spray water on it first?

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8. Safe manual handling techniques are essential in the workplace because___.

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9. You should always wear appropriate boots when working in wet cement because____.

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10. When using a CO2 fire extinguisher you should be aware that the nozzle will become ___.

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11. Being exposed to engine oil can cause___.

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12. What does the health and safety sign below tell you?


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13. Which of these would you not put a mobile tower scaffold on?

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14. Exposure to which of these would most likely result in you contracting Weil’s disease?

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15. If you need to hand dig near any electrical underground services you must use:

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16. Where would you find information about chemicals found on a work site?

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17. If you discover asbestos while working you should _____.

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18. Which of these statements is true about storing materials on a working platform?

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19. The best way to ensure a ladder is secured and won’t slip is to:

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20. If you want to be a first aider at work you should___.

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21. Solvents in paints and resins can lead to:

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22. What does the health and safety sign below mean?

Blue health and safety sign

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23. Which activity could create the biggest risk for lead poisoning in a situation where control measures are not being exercised?

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24. What should you do if you’re unsure about a particular topic discussed during a site induction?

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25. All of the following statements are true about using podium steps EXCEPT:

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26. Which of these best describes working at height?

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27. Information regarding hazardous substances can be found in ___.

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28. You’re working with a new chemical/substance and you start to feel ill, what should you do?

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29. If you’re working in a confined space and the gas alarm goes off you should:

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30. Should hand tools such as saws, hammers and wire cutters be inspected?

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31. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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32. Hazardous substances can be identified by ____.

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33. The best way to tell if a specific substance is asbestos is by:

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34. You should tell your employer if you have contracted Weil’s disease on site because:

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35. What type of fire extinguisher is shown below?

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36. Safety footwear should be worn on-site______?

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37. Ladders should never be painted because:

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38. You have to work with hazardous substances, what should your employer check regularly?

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39. Which of these statements is true about using ladders?

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40. What type of fire extinguisher is shown below?


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41. You have just finished working with a particularly noisy piece of equipment and you have a ringing in your ears. What does this symptom imply?

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42. When does your employer need to provide a first-aid box?

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43. Which of the following hazardous materials should be identified when going through a construction health and safety checklist?

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44. Which colour coding does foam fire extinguishers fall under?

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45. All near misses should be reported:

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46. What should you do if a fire breaks out and you’ve not been trained to use a fire extinguisher?

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47. Details about the site traffic rules are usually discussed:

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48. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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49. A nest of pigeons along with droppings are discovered in an area where you will be working, what should you do?

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50. In the event of an accident a first aider can do all the following EXCEPT:

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