CSCS Mock Test Questions and Answers

Here’s another simple CSCS mock test consisting of 15 basic health and safety questions. This practice test will be different from our previous CSCS mock test questions which required you to provide the answers; instead, we will be asking some basic health and safety questions and providing the answers for your reference.

As you probably already know, passing your Health Safety and Environment test requires a basic understanding of various health and safety topics some of which include fire extinguishers, manual handling, COSHH etc; topics which are all covered in the CSCS revision section of this website.

You can rest assured that you will encounter questions related to these topics in your real CSCS test so get as much practice as possible from all our CSCS mock test questions.

1. A construction site can be one of the noisiest places to work, what’s the first thing you should do if you think your working environment has damaged your hearing?

Answer: Consult your employer or doctor and request a hearing test.

2. Using disposable earplugs can significantly reduce the noise level you’re exposed to; how many times should you use a disposable ear plug?

Answer: Once. For optimal safety, disposable earplugs should only be used once.

3. What safe voltage is recommended for electrical equipment on a building site?

Answer: 110 Volts

4. What’s the easiest way of knowing if an electrical tool has been PAT tested and is safe for use?

Answer: Look for the green sticker which indicates it’s safe for use.

5. What type of fire extinguisher should you use on an unplugged radio?

Answer: Water fire extinguisher, if it’s unplugged then it’s just a solid material.

6. Besides CO2 fire extinguishers which other type of fire extinguisher is recommended for use on electrical fires?

Answer: Dry Powder, dry powder fire extinguishers can be used on electrical fires but they can damage your electrical equipment not to mention they’re quite messy.

7. What does a hot work permit allow you to do?

Answer: Perform jobs that could initiate a fire.

8. What does it mean if your work site has been issued with a prohibition notice?

Answer: The site is unsafe and you must stop working.

9. The health and safety rules of a work site are normally explained when?

Answer: During the site induction.

10. Where should you go if there’s a fire on your work site?

Answer: Go to your designated fire assembly point.

11. Using barrier cream can protect your hands from certain harmful substances but you shouldn’t rely on this primarily because:

Answer: Many harmful substances can easily penetrate the barrier cream

12. When should you apply skin barrier, before or after you start work?

Answer: If you’re using skin barrier cream it should be applied before you start working.

13. Being exposed to contaminated water or land can cause tetanus, to avoid catching this infection you should:

Answer:  Cover all open cuts and wounds with water-tight bandages

14. To correctly identify asbestos you should:

Answer:  Have a sample analyzed in a lab

15. If you need to use hazardous chemicals and substances, where can you find health and safety information about the substance?

Answer: The COSHH assessment should have all the necessary information on the substance.

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