CSCS Practice Test – Working at Height

The CSCS practice test below is meant to test your knowledge of working at height, quite a large number of accidents recorded in the UK involve working at height so it’s essential for workers who carry out tasks above or below the ground to have some basic training on working with ladders and they should have a good understanding about the correct PPE needed for working at height.

If you think you’re confident about how to work safely at height give our CSCS practice test a try, there are ten mock test questions and only one answer is correct for each question. Good Luck.

1. How many points of contact should you have with a ladder at all times?

a.  4

b.  1

c . 3

d.  2


2. What should you do to make sure your ladder doesn’t slip?

a. Place a piece of wood to stop it

b.  Have someone hold both rails at all times

c.  Tie the top of the ladder

d. Let someone stand on the bottom rung


3. If you want to avoid people from falling through fragile roof panels what should you do?

a. Mark the area with yellow tape

b. Cover the panels with a material that can take the weight of a person and add warning signs

c. Stop them from working in groups

d. Inform them which panels are fragile


4. Which of these would you not put a mobile tower scaffold on?

a. An abandoned parking lot

b. A concrete walkway

c. An uneven playground

d. An asphalt road


5. Crossing a fragile roof requires you to?

a. Run across quickly

b. Slowly walk across

c. Use crawling boards

d. Know where the fragile roof signs are


6. Checking a ladder before use should be done by?

a. Your supervisor

b. Your health and safety rep

c. The person about to use it

d. The site manager


7. What should you do if you discover a broken ladder?

a. Attempt to fix it

b. Continue using it but stay clear of the broken part

c. Report it at the end of your shift

d. Don’t use it and inform other workers that the ladder is broken


8. It’s not wise to paint a ladder because?

a. It could hide damaged parts

b. The paint could distract anyone using the ladder

c.  The paint will cause the ladder to rust

d.  The shiny paint could reflect in your eyes


9. At what height are you considered to be working at height?

a. 10 ft above ground level

b. 3 ft above ground level

c. Any distance above or below ground level that would cause an injury if you fell

d. 5 ft above ground level


10. Should two people work on the same ladder at the same time?

a. Yes, only if you’re behind time

b. No

c. Yes, if your supervisor says it’s OK

d. Yes, only if all other ladders are taken

1-C   2-C   3-B   4-C   5-C   6-C   7-D   8-A   9-C   10-B

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