CSCS Questions and Answers Book – Operatives and Specialists

When you’re revising for your CSCS or equivalent exam, it’s not only important to be aware of the content of the course, but how your knowledge of it is going to be examined. For this purpose, CITB Construction Skills’ have published this CSCS revision book, containing over 400 questions covering every topic which the exam could test you on.

Why is a safety qualification important?

When working in the types of conditions encountered on a construction site, both employers and operatives need to be aware of the restrictions, requirements and expectations placed upon them.

As a CSCS card holder, your qualification will enable you to demonstrate an ability to recognise workplace safety, health and environmental hazards and how to deal with them, as well as any potential legal ramifications involved.

Your employer will be safe in the knowledge that you are aware of site protocol and safety procedures, whilst you will be safe in the knowledge that you can recognise any potential breaches in health and safety regulations and neutralize them, resulting in a safer workplace for you and other operatives. Start practicing for your test with the official CSCS test questions and answers book, get it now.

What is the purpose of the CSCS revision book?

The CSCS test book is a collection of commonly asked test questions, organised by topic and matching the structure used by the CSCS test. It also contains the answers so that when you have tested yourself you can see where you went wrong, enabling you to improve.

The book also prepares you for behavioural case study questions, including a transcript of the film ‘Setting out’, helping you to gain a thorough understanding of the film before your test. It is also intended to cover test content for specialists in a variety of roles.

What does the CSCS revision book cover?

The guide contains questions and answers covering each of the five sections of the exam paper, organised in an easy-to-follow format and paired with an answers section for easy reference. It also contains a transcript of ‘Setting out’, used in behavioural case studies and a section covering specialist topics. The five sections covered are as follows:

Legal and management

The kinds of legal requirements placed upon employers and operatives in a construction-based workplace, the kinds of regulation you can expect to encounter and how to interpret them.

Health and welfare

Knowledge of basic health and safety skills, recognition of health hazards on-site, requirements for availability of first aid facilities and equipment, rest areas, medical staff and other health and welfare considerations.

General safety

Basic safety skills applicable to any site, regardless of the job. These skills provide a basis for the more specialized information later in the book.

High-risk activities

Covers a variety of specific high-risk activities, as well as questions on how to recognise and deal with other high-risk activities which may present themselves.


Questions on procedures including site placement, waste management, protection of local habitat and other environmental safety considerations.

Sections for specialists:



arrow3Plumbing or gas

arrow3Highway works

arrow3Working at height

arrow3Lifts and escalators


arrow3Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration

What does the new edition of the CSCS book introduce?

In this new edition of the CSCS questions and answers book, several new chapters have been introduced including topics such as respiratory health and extra questions for the environment section; the book also includes support for behavioural case studies, new to this edition.

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