CSCS Revision book for Managers and Professionals

When you’re managing a construction site or project, your employer will always want to be sure that you know what you’re doing, particularly when it comes to potentially risky topics like health and safety, where mistakes can mean loss of staff, property damage, delay of the project and potential legal consequences.

Of course, you can demonstrate your competence and experience with a good CV, excellent references, and other evidence, but most employers will want something more concrete. Having a qualification from CSCS or a similar organisation gives an employer a way of being absolutely sure that you’re going to manage their site well.

What is a CSCS card?

The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a UK-based organisation that provides qualifications for workers in the construction industry tailored to their specific role on site, whether that’s an operative, specialist or someone in a managerial position.

They provide testing services and training schemes, as well as publishing revision documents (like this one) which will help staff learn the requisite skills for their position or prove their competence. The CSCS card is physical evidence that you’ve passed your Health, Safety and Environment test.

The importance of health and safety: A managerial perspective

As the manager of a site or project, your operatives look to you for guidance and the handling of legal or logistical issues so that they can get on with the project. Managing these aspects of a site is critical for a successful project because having the correct facilities and measures in place to ensure safety results in fewer accidents, less red tape, and in general makes things run smoothly.

Equally, an employer will be looking for a manager who can handle these issues so that legal complications or injuries don’t slow the progress of a project or endanger their staff.

What is the CSCS revision book?

This CSCS book is an officially supported document designed to help you get to grips with the testing process and the kinds of questions likely to be asked during your test. Each section is organised in an easy-to-reference manner and covers questions with the same phrasing as those in the real exam.

The answers to each question are provided at the bottom of the page so that you can test yourself and gauge your progress. The CSCS revision book is an invaluable tool for passing the CSCS health and safety exam.

What does the CSCS book cover?

The Revision book for Managers is split into several sections, covering each topic that you’ll be tested on in the exam. Each chapter is clearly laid out, and includes behavioural case study questions based on the industry’s film ‘Setting Out’.

The following topics are covered in the test:

arrow3The transcript of the film Setting out, enabling you to practice for the behavioural case study section of the test.

arrow3The knowledge questions and answers in the five core sections:

arrow3Legal and management

arrow3Health and welfare

arrow3General safety

arrow3High-risk activities


What’s new in this edition?

This edition has been completely rewritten to reflect the new test structure for 2012 onwards. A new section covering respiratory risks and hazards has been included, as well as more content for the environmental chapter of the book; two topics that have been recognised as insufficiently covered in previous editions. A new chapter on Construction Design and Management (CDM) is also included.

What other resources are available for the CSCS exam?

To supplement this book, an instructional DVD containing example questions and a behavioural case study mock test is available, which also contains a copy of the film ‘Setting out’. Get the official CSCS test revision book for managers and professionals now.

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