CSCS Revision Book – Safe Start

When working in the construction industry, it’s important that both you and your employer know what to expect. That’s why skilled workers with the right qualifications get employed more easily and quickly than those without: they know how to operate efficiently and, more importantly, safely on site.

CSCS and CITB qualifications allow you to demonstrate to employers that you’re aware of on-site safety protocol and risk management turning you from a risk into an asset.

Please note that this CSCS book (Safe Start) is for revision purposes only, it does not contain the questions and answers to the test. See full details of this CSCS book.

What is the CSCS book?

The Safe Start Health and Safety and Environment Handbook (GE707/14) is an ideal companion for the health and safety component of your CSCS test, containing everything you’ll need to know about what the test covers and more.

The material is organised into easy-to-follow sections, following the new test structure so that you can find what you need when you need it. GE707 is the official supporting document for the health and safety test, so you can be certain that the information it contains is up-to-date, accurate, and reliable.

Why is site safety important?

When you’re working on-site, there are innumerable hazards that can put you and your colleagues at risk, as well as posing legal consequences for your employer. These risks vary according to the site and job, so it’s important to be able to identify which hazards are present and how to deal with them safely and efficiently.

Taking a test like the CSCS card courses equips you to avoid potentially crippling (or life-threatening) workplace hazards which could put you out of work, have legal ramifications or even more serious consequences.

A new, improved edition

This CSCS revision book has been released as a brand new edition for 2014, containing the most up-to-date information about the test available. This edition is the 8th edition released so far and introduces a new section layout that meshes perfectly with the new test structure.

This book also contains new chapters including respiratory risks, site transport safety and waste management; topics which were either not covered or less well covered in earlier editions. Each chapter introduces the topic with a concise summary, explaining exactly what you should expect from your employer and what your employer will be expecting of you.

What does the CSCS book cover?

Legal and management

This chapter explains exactly what legal requirements workers and site managers are held to, how to interpret them, and how to recognise whether these requirements are being met.

Health and welfare

This chapter covers the requirements for first aid and welfare facilities and personnel on site, including first aid stations and kits, trained first aid personnel, rest areas, and other welfare concerns.

General safety

This chapter covers general requirements for basic site safety which apply to any site carrying out any work. The skills taught in this section will apply anywhere, and are built upon in later chapters for specific types of work or site.

High-risk activities

This chapter covers specific activities which are designated ‘high risk’, as well as giving more general advice on recognising high-risk activities and risk assessment requirements.


This chapter covers waste management and other aspects of environmental safety: reducing the negative impact of a site or activity on the environment as much as is practical.

Conclusion: A perfect aid for studying for the CSCS test

This handbook is a great way to ensure that you have covered the required content for taking your CSCS health and safety test, and is the official supporting document for the CITB-Construction Skills’ Site Safety Plus one-day health and safety awareness course.

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