It’s only natural for anyone preparing to take their CSCS test to have questions about the test and the process involved in acquiring a CSCS card. Over the past few months, we’ve received numerous emails from CSCS test candidates looking for further information about the test.

In this article we will attempt to answer some of the questions we’ve received so far, for those who may need further assistance, please leave your question in the comments area and we will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. ( Please note that test requirements will change over time)


1. What is the Operatives CSCS test pass mark?

Answer: You’ll need to get 45 out of 50 correct to pass.

2. What is the Specialist CSCS test pass mark?

Answer: You’ll need to get 45 out of 50 correct to pass.

3. What is the Managers and Professionals CSCS test pass mark?

Answer: You’ll need to get 46 out of 50 correct to pass.

4. How much time do I have to complete the test?

Answer: You’re given a maximum of 45 minutes to complete the test.

5. What are the behavioural case study questions?

Answer: The behavioural case study questions are meant to test your reaction to safety-critical situations onsite. (Read more about the behavioural case study questions)

6. Where can I watch the “Setting Out video”?

Answer: You can watch the setting out video here.

7. Where can I get the paperback version of the questions and answer book?

Answer: You can get the official CSCS test questions and answers book here.

8. Where can I get the DVD version of the CSCS test questions and Answers?

Answer: The DVD version is available here.

9. Can I take the CSCS Operatives test in another language besides English?

Answer: Yes, at present (2024) the operatives test can be booked with voice-overs in the following languages: Bulgarian, German, Czech, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Polish, Punjabi, Portuguese, Russian, and Romanian.

10. Can I cancel or reschedule my test for a further date?

Answer: If you need to reschedule or cancel for some reason you’ll need to phone the company you booked your test with and inform them at least 72 hours or 3 working days before your test date, if you don’t inform them within this time frame it’s likely you’ll lose your fee.

Different booking agents will require different notice periods so inquire with them before booking your test.

11. Can I take the real test online from home?

Answer: No, you’ll need to visit an approved test centre in your area or a mobile test centre.

12. What documents do I need to provide on my test day?

Answer: You’ll need to provide the confirmation letter or email you received along with a photo ID which has your signature on it e.g. your driving licence or passport.

13. I’ve recently failed my test, how long do I have to wait before I can re-book my test?

Answer: You’ll need to wait at least 48 hours before you can re-book your test.

14. I haven’t received my booking confirmation by mail or by post, what should I do?

Answer: Call the company you’ve booked with to confirm if your test is booked or not, then inform them that you haven’t received your confirmation letter or email.

15. Can I take any revision notes into the test room?

Answer: No, you’re not allowed to take any revision notes with you during the test.

16. My CSCS card is about to expire, would I need to take the test again?

Yes, you will need to take the test again.

17. I’ve lost my CSCS card, what should I do?

If you’ve lost an in-date CSCS card you’ll need to apply for a duplicate, if you’ve lost an out-of-date cscs card you’ll need to retake the test to get a new card.

18. Is there any help for dyslexic candidates taking the test?

Make the booking agent aware of your circumstances and they will make the necessary arrangements to assist you. This should be done at the booking stage prior to taking the test.

19. I’m planning to take the CSCS Operatives test; will I need to revise all the questions including the specialists section from the questions and answers book?

No, for those taking the operatives test you’ll only need to revise the first 4 sections. These are sections A to D of the questions and answers book.

20. Which test will I have to book if I want a normal site visitor card?

You’ll need to take the operatives test.

21. How much does the CSCS test cost?

Answer: The CSCS test costs £21, you’ll need to pay an additional £36 for the actual card once you have passed.

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