Health and Safety Quiz

This health and safety quiz offers more example questions for anyone preparing to take their CSCS health and safety test, there are 9 questions based on different aspects of health and safety. Health and safety plays a very important role in keeping the UK’s workforce safe and injury-free every day, but how much do you know about health and safety?

We all know that a construction site can be one of the most dangerous working environments, things are changing regularly and hazards can develop in seconds if we don’t follow certain safety critical rules that are put in place to protect both ourselves and others around us.

To prove you have a basic understanding of good health and safety practices you’ll need to sit and pass the Health Safety and Environment Test to get your CSCS card.

Did you know that it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute towards maintaining a safe and hazard-free environment?

Yes, we all play a part in maintaining health and safety whether it’s at home or at work we all must do our part in keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe so go ahead and test your knowledge with this health and safety quiz.

Basic Health and Safety Quiz

1. How many employees does a company need before risk assessments are recorded?

a. Between 5-10

b. Between 10-20

c. 5 or more

d. Just 1 is needed


2. Which of these best describes a hazard?

a. Something that is potentially harmful

b. Tools lying around on the floor

c. Cables lying around on the floor

d. Unlabelled chemicals


3. What is the cause of most accidents?

a. Poisoning

b. Slips, trips, and falls

c. Electrocution

d. Suffocation


4. In which year was the Health and Safety at Work Act enacted?

a. 1947

b. 1974

c. 1957

d. 1975


5. Where would you go if your fire alarm was activated?

a. Your manager’s office

b. The fire assembly point

c. Go to your car and wait

d. Exit the building and go home


6. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are identified by which colour?

a. Red

b. Black

c. Cream

d. Yellow


7. The safest way to lift a load is to?

a. Keep your back rounded at all times

b. Keep your back straight at all times

c. Keep your feet as close as possible

d. Keep your feet slightly apart with your back rounded


8. Electrical fires are best tackled with a?

a. Water fire extinguisher

b. CO2 fire extinguisher

c. Wet chemical fire extinguisher

d. Foam fire extinguisher


9. Who should report unsafe working practices at work?

a. Your supervisor only

b. Your health and safety rep only

c. Anyone who notices it

d. Your line manager only


10. Which of these is most likely if a worker uses power tools for an extended period every day?

a. Weil’s disease

b. Hand-arm vibration

c. Tinnitus

d. Back pain

Answers to this Health and Safety Quiz
1. C    2. A    3. B    4. B    5. B    6. D    7. B    8. B    9. C 10. B

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