Full CSCS Practice Test with 50 Questions

If you’re planning to take your CSCS test soon you’ll need as much practice online as possible. In keeping with the original format of the test, we’ve created this full CSCS practice test with 50 questions so you can get the most realistic and complete experience possible.

The 50 questions in this full CSCS practice test will cover areas such as manual handling, accident reporting, working at height, respiratory risks, health and safety signs, fire extinguishers, noise and vibration and many more of the core CSCS test topics.

These 50 questions will be completely different from our first full CSCS practice test so if you’ve already completed that test you won’t have to answer the same questions again. You must answer all questions before you can get your final results. Good luck!

1. What should you do if you’re required to work in an area that has exposed electrical cable?

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2. What TWO things can you do can you do to help prevent slips and trips while using an extension cable? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 2 of 50

3. Why must you be fully trained before using a cartridge-operated tool?

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4. When should you check your tools and equipment for damage?

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5. Why should you use a RCD with 230 volt tools?

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6. To check if a RCD connected to a power tool is working correctly you should:

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7. What does the Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) label on a power tool tell you? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 7 of 50

8. What is the recommended safe voltage for electrical equipment on a building site?

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9. What should the colour of a 110 volt power cable and connector be:

Question 9 of 50

10. Why is it that building sites use 110 volt instead of the regular 230 volt domestic supply?

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11. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


Question 11 of 50

12. Ladders should never be painted because:

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13. Which of these statements is true about storing materials on a working platform?

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14. What are blue and white safety signs like the one below used to indicate?


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15. The best way to ensure a ladder is secured and won’t slip is to:

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16. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


Question 16 of 50

17. Which of these best describes working at height?

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18. Checking a ladder before use should be done by ___.

Question 18 of 50

19. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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20. What should you do if your safety footwear gets damaged while working?

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21. Green and white safety signs like the one below are:


Question 21 of 50

22. All of these statements are true about PPE EXCEPT:

Question 22 of 50

23. What does the health and safety sign below tell you?


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24. What should you do if the disposable ear plugs you are given keeps falling out of your ears?

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25. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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26. It’s important for you to wear the correct type of gloves when dealing with hazardous substances, if you don’t then you’re like to get:

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27. You find yourself on the job site next to a co-worker who is using a loud piece of machinery, you are wearing no hearing protection, what should you do?

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28. What does the health and safety sign below mean?


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29. It is a general rule that noise levels may be excessive if you must shout to speak to someone who is standing ___.

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30. Your job requires you to wear ear defenders while on site. However, one pad is missing. What should you do?

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31. When working in a “Hearing Protection Zone”, you must:

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32. By wearing hearing protection you will:

Question 32 of 50

33. When using a power tool for cutting and grinding, why is it important for the dust to be collected?

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34. Being exposed to which of these items will NOT cause lung infections or diseases?

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35. Which of these tasks does NOT cause silica dust to enter into the air?

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36. If you’re required to use skin barrier cream, when should this be applied?

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37. Who can use a class 3 ladder to carry out work on a building site?

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38. Why is it important to sign in whenever you are on site?

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39. Which of these would NOT have to undergo a PAT test in your workplace?

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40. What is the main reason for reporting accidents?

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41. Where should you go if your fire alarm is activated?

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42. Which of the following is possible if you inhale asbestos dust?

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43. A particular job requires you to use hazardous substances, whose responsibility is it to explain the health risks and safe method of work you need to follow?

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44. To ensure your safety when using hazardous substances you should:

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45. Who should raise the fire alarm in the case of an emergency?

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46. You discover a crack in your safety helmet, what should you do?

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47. Which TWO types of fire extinguishers should you avoid using in confined spaces? (Choose 2 answers)

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48. After decanting a hazardous substance you should ___.

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49. How can you tell if a load is too heavy to lift?

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50. Everyone can help to prevent accidents by:

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  1. Martin says:

    Hi all
    Passed my h&s test
    50 out of 50
    All just common sense
    Read the question twice only one answer

  2. ina xirsi says:

    Good Practise Test

  3. michael wiliams says:

    48 not Happy i need 50 so i need to keep trying ive got 2 weeks to go ugh

  4. Zak says:

    I had my test today, Oct 2016 and I’ve passed. Thanks for the questions, the format structured the same way like in the real test centre, which helped a lot!
    Now, the first 10 questions are based on ‘behavioural case studies’. It’d be great if this can be incorporated into this mock test.


  5. Neil p says:

    Had test today. Passed with flying colours. Website very helpful. Chufffffeeeedddd

  6. Goddy Onemokpe says:

    Very good and educative test

  7. 45 out 0f 50 first time then tried a different one and got 39

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    I get 50 out of 50 hope I get a pass in the next test.thanks

  10. Neville says:

    Am happy,more knowledgeable,great help to me.

  11. Bernard says:

    I,m a self employed handyman but fancy taking the test to make sure I’m at current standards as I’m 55+.
    45 out of 50 on first go.
    Is there a handyman or equivalent CSCS?
    Found this very helpful. Thanks

  12. jake orme says:

    I finally got 50/50 and hope I get a pass in the test thanks to my teacher in trans4m

  13. sean says:

    good mock test. 47/50. a pass. but question 32. a and b could be the answer. surly depends on the type of environment.
    still good mock exam. thanks

  14. Mark says:

    Great moc test brill very happy got 46 out of 50 first time now keep getting 50 out of 50 im a plasterer are these questions upto date as iv got my real test on the 30th many thanks in advance.

  15. Carl says:

    Wicked site , let’s hope I pass took mine fifteen times now

  16. paul yeomans says:

    first attempt 42 out of 50

  17. kyle says:

    Been practicing for a week finally got from 46-47/50 to 50/50 test on sat 🙂

  18. Glenn Ward says:

    48 out of 50 first attempt
    45 out of 50 Second attempt
    these mock tests are very good anyone doing the real thing without trying first is mad

  19. Richard Price says:

    49 out of 50 1st try

  20. ammo chana says:

    Great mock test first test 40_50.

  21. Alhassan says:

    Very good mock test, my first attempt 40/50

  22. Alhassan says:

    My first attempt score 40/50 I think I will be fine after few touches.

  23. ryan says:

    hope i pass csc test.

  24. Paddy says:

    very good web site help me a lot got 48 out of 50.

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    great help thanks passed to today

  26. at last 50 out of 50 so pleased just hope I can get them all right on the day .

  27. stephen coward says:

    48 out of 50 getting there keep practicing

  28. stephen coward says:

    45 out of 50 should still prepare a bit more .test tomorrow good luck

  29. jenny hendy says:

    Which testing my son need to take for operative

  30. rahil says:

    Nice practice b4 test… 50 out of 50..

  31. Lee Hart says:

    Completed this one too; only 47/50 with 49/50 on the other one….

    My test date is 22nd December and my SMSTS course starts 4th January 2016!

  32. Chris Mitchell says:

    Excellent practice session.

  33. kirk says:

    just took the test and was disappointed to score 44/50 but i didnt even read the book is that a fail

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    47 out of 50, is this enough to pass?

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    cheers warren, this test helped quite a lot 49/50 but im still not happy, need 50!! omg someone help

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    I am great 50 out of 50.

  38. francis says:

    do you get timed in the test ?

  39. Andy Wilson says:

    50/50 Ihope I do as well in the real test

  40. Frank says:

    Test tomorrow without this I would have failed

  41. Fortunato Cannizzaro says:

    44/50 English is not my native language…

  42. Suren Ramdul says:

    50 out 50 is very good thanks.

    • Leon says:

      have you passed the test? i have my test tomorrow. will be a huge help to know what type of questions came up in the test
      thank you.

  43. Will says:

    50 out of 50 a good little run in before the test.

  44. Mick says:

    good mock test

  45. Harry says:

    47/50 first attempt. Got test on Saturday any tips for the MAP test?

  46. Julius says:

    37/50 hope I get better next

  47. david pearson says:

    50 out of 50 good job

  48. david pearson says:

    i keep practicing daily and im getting 50 out of 50 each time

  49. Jamal johnson says:

    well chuffed with my attempt first time scoring 32/50 2nd try i got 45/50

  50. david pearson says:

    well did 2 further attempts and on each one i got 50 out of 50

  51. david pearson says:

    well 2nd attempt today resulted in 49 out of 50 pretty chuffed with that

  52. david pearson says:

    well first attempt i got 47 out of 50 for someone who has never worked on a building site let alone know what a class 3 ladder is ? then i think i did quite well

  53. billy says:

    thanks mate got 49/50 it was a big help

  54. Terry stirling says:

    Good practice 47 from 50 ok first time thank you.

  55. Alex says:

    The questions seems pretty impressive, thanks admin for your effort on this. I hope these are the similar questions to the one we’re going to answer as i have mine later in the day.

  56. D wood-Nicholson says:

    Good test what’s the pass rate I got 44 out of 50 is that a pass

  57. craig swindon says:

    49 out of 50 very good test

  58. Kurt Williams says:

    47 first time practice

  59. Dale says:

    48 out of 50 test is tomorrow. You need 47 to pass, that’s a small margin for error if you ask me 🙁

  60. Simon elgy says:

    46/50 not bad for first go, test on fri, more revision needed I think

  61. trevor says:

    I have a test on Thursday 19,03.15 at 11.00

  62. Sean monaghan says:

    Very useful Thnks

  63. Matthew Donnelly says:

    41 out of 50 first go and only just started my revision test next Monday best get my head in the book.

  64. romeo says:

    41/50 and my test is tomorrow wish me good luck 😀

  65. Donald says:

    48 out of 50 just goes to show us old timers can still get it wrong ha ha good test though.

  66. Ash says:

    Hey, I’ve been told by a training center you need to score a least 47 and a half out of 50 test questions, which is 95% needed to pass.

    Just took your practice test and scored 50/50.

    Hopefully I should pass my text next Thursday.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this test together for learners, very much appreciated.

  67. Keiran says:

    44/50 first try

  68. christopher bohana says:

    45/50 is that a pass

  69. Kathryn says:

    Admin.. maybe you can advise me. I revised everything over and over again and then failed on the Behaviour Case studies as it covered scenarios I knew nothing about .. and hadn’t even encountered in the revision material.

    Does the DVD contain this stuff? as I have the book already I don’t want to buy more of the same…and be paying out yet more money. Ive re-booked another test ..but hope to pass that one by having access to all the material needed beforehand. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      The behavioural case study scenarios are not published in the Revision book but there’s general advice on preparing for the case studies on page 217 of the revision book.

      There is a behavioural case study practice test on the revision DVD but this only has 4 questions which in my opinion only serves as a taster of what the real questions will be like. Hope this helps and good luck with your next test.

    • aaron says:

      yes it does

  70. Kathryn says:

    Ive got my test tonite… I just keep doing these online mock tests as much as possible. Just got 50/50 so fingers crossed.

  71. Dave says:

    Great test to check what you should know on site

  72. J Doherty says:

    What is the pass mark ? , and there is also a part before the 50 questions ? what is this

  73. I R Bennett says:

    Good Practice Test

  74. sebastian fabian george says:

    yea good practice next week is my test, all the best for 2015 we need the CARD,we need a JOB.

  75. sebastian fabian george says:

    thanks for the test i am ready for my CSCS card

  76. neil says:

    got my test in a couple of days would 44 out of 50 be a pass thanks

  77. Mark the Sparky says:

    49/50 slipped up on the fire extinguisher
    How many questions in the real exam and what is the pass mark

  78. David Cox says:

    I have my test in a weeks time so just brushing up 46 out of 50 is that a pass

  79. Andrew says:

    50 out of 50 on my first try. Good mock test hope I pass now. Thanks…

  80. Neil Coxall says:

    good practice session thanks

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