CSCS Example Questions

CSCS example questions and practice papers are used by millions of people across the UK as the sole revision method for the CSCS test. Most people claim that the CSCS test is an easy common sense test that doesn’t require any studying, before you start thinking the same ask yourself this “if the test is so easy wouldn’t everybody get a 100% pass mark“.

The fact is if you don’t practice for the CSCS test you are setting yourself up for failure; simple steps such as reading through a few CSCS revision guides can have a dramatic outcome on your test results.

These guides are simple and straight forward and they all have CSCS example questions at the end to help you practice.

Here are a few CSCS example questions to help you practice, try to answer as many as possible and leave your answers in the comments section below.

CSCS Example Questions

1. Blue health and safety signs can be classified as

A. Stop signs

B. Hazard signs

C. Prohibition signs

D. Mandatory signs


2. What should you do if you discover children playing on a work site?

A. Report it to your supervisor

B. Escort them to a safe place immediately

C. Call the police

D. Inform the HSE


3. What should you do if the fire alarm is raised?

A. Hide under your desk

B. Go to the fire assembly point

C. Pack up your belongings then go to the fire assembly point

D. Try to locate the fire and attempt to put it out


4. Where would you find information about chemicals found on a work site?

A. On the MSDS sheet

B. On your signing-on sheet

C. On your contract of employment

D. On your HSE poster


5. Which types of fire extinguishers are colour-coded black and cream?

A. Foam and water

B. Dry powder and CO2

C. CO2 and foam

D. Water and CO2


6. Who should raise the fire alarm in case of an emergency?

A. Anyone who discovers the fire

B. Your supervisor only

C. Your manager only

d. Your health and safety rep only


7. You discover a crack in your safety helmet, what should you do?

A. Apply glue to the cracked surface

B. Get a replacement immediately

C. Get a replacement on your next break

D. Carry on working as most of the helmet is still intact


8. Which of the following is a physical means of protection?


B. MSDS sheet

C. HSE poster

D. Health and safety signs

1. D    2. B    3. B    4. A    5. C    6. A    7. B    8. A

If you need more CSCS example questions then visit our CSCS mock test section where you will find practice questions for a wide variety of CSCS topics.

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