CSCS Health and Safety Mock Test

This CSCS health and safety mock test is designed to test your knowledge of a wide variety of health and safety topics within the construction industry.

Regardless of which CSCS card you’re applying for you are required to have a basic understanding of good health and safety practices when onsite because you’re not only responsible for keeping yourself safe but your colleagues as well through careful observations and detailed reporting of any unsafe working practices you may come across.

Having a CSCS card proves that you are aware of on-site hazards and you’re capable of performing your duties in the safest way possible, most construction sites in the UK are now insisting that their workers take the CSCS health and safety test to gain their CSCS card regardless of their job roles.

Workers are not the only ones required to have a CSCS card when on-site, visitors who regularly visit sites will also need a CSCS card before they’re allowed on-site.

Basic CSCS Health and Safety Mock Test Questions

Here are 8 questions that are closely related to the CSCS questions you’re likely to come across in the real exam.

1. How often should you clean your safety boots?

A.  Every month

B.  As soon as it gets dirty

C.  Every chance you get

D.  Clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Answer: D

2. After decanting a hazardous substance what should you do?

A.  Make sure both containers are labelled correctly

B.  Make sure both containers are the same size

C.  Remove the label from the half-empty container

D.  Nothing, the chemical is in a container so it’s safe

Answer: A

3. What does COSHH stand for?

A.  Control of substances hazardous to homes

B.  Control of substances that are hazardous and harmful

C.  Containment of substances hazardous to health

D.  Control of substances hazardous to health

Answer: D

4. Upon discovering a fire what’s the first thing you should do?

A.  Run and yell fire

B.  Pick up all your belongings and calmly exit the building

C.  Report to your supervisor and inform him

D.  Raise the fire alarm

Answer: D

5. Before you can use any machinery at work you MUST:

A.  Ask your supervisor’s permission

B.  Be trained to use it

C.  Ask your supervisor to watch you

D.  Inform workmates you’re about to use it

Answer: B

6. Who is authorized to raise a fire alarm?

A.  Your manager only

B.  Your supervisor only

C.  Your health and safety rep only

D.  Anyone who discovers a fire

Answer: D

7. One of the most important locations to remember on your job site is?

A.  The break room

B.  The managers’ office

C.  The toilet facilities

D.  The fire assembly point

Answer: D

8. What document would have information such as the composition of a hazardous substance and firefighting measures to take against a certain substance?

A.  Material safety data sheet

B.  Your HSE poster

C.  Your signing-on sheet

D.  Your employment contract

Answer: A

Hopefully, you were able to answer all the questions in the CSCS health and safety mock test above without actually looking at the answers, if there were questions that you were unsure of please look at our CSCS revision section and revise those specific topics.

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