CSCS Yellow Cards/Visitor Cards

What is the CSCS Visitor Card?

The CSCS yellow card or the visitor card is designed for people who frequently visit construction sites but do not have any construction related training, skill or qualification. Yellow CSCS cards allow frequent visitors like delivery drivers easy and fast access to any construction site that requires a CSCS card.

How to get a Yellow CSCS Card

To get a yellow CSCS card you must first sit and pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test at operative level, this test ensures you have a basic understanding of good health and safety practices and it gives you an insight at some of the most common health and safety issues that can affect you on-site.

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and after passing the CSCS test you will need to fill out your CSCS application form, this can be downloaded from the Official CSCS Website or alternatively you can call them on 0844 576 8777 and request an application form for your CSCS yellow card.

How much does a Yellow CSCS Card cost?

Like all other CSCS cards, the regular visitor card costs £30. This is not including the fee for taking the Health, Safety and environment test, that’s a separate £19.50 which brings the overall cost of your yellow CSCS card to £47.50. This cost is the absolute minimum you will have to pay but do expect to pay a bit more if you’re booking with an agent. This card is valid for 5 years.

How long is the Yellow CSCS Card valid for?

Most CSCS cards are valid for 5 years and the yellow CSCS card is no different. You’ll need to renew your card at least 6 months before it expires and no later than 6 months after it has expired. If you do not renew your yellow CSCS card within this time period you’ll most likely be refused entry onto most building sites in the UK.

How to renew your yellow CSCS card

If you need to renew your yellow CSCS card then you’ll need to retake the Health Safety and Environment test for operatives then download an application form from the CSCS website. After you’ve submitted all your documents it should take no more than 20 days for you to receive your new yellow CSCS card.

Preparing for the operatives test

If you need a yellow site visitor card you’ll need to pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Operatives which you can practice for here. If you have no prior knowledge of site safety procedures and rules then please have a look at our CSCS test revision section which covers some of the basic topics covered in the test.

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