CITB Health Safety and Environment Test

As of April 2012, the current CSCS health and safety test will be replaced by an improved and much more in-depth test known as the CITB Health Safety and Environment Test.

Built on the same core health and safety topics, the new test will have a wide range of updates and features all aimed at improving and maintaining a high level of health and safety awareness among the UK’s construction workforce.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme has proven itself time and time again to be the best at educating construction workers on the basics of health and safety, and with the new test, there’s no doubt that onsite safety will improve. If you’re planning to take the new CSCS test in 2019 and beyond, or if you’re due to renew your CSCS card then there are a few changes you’ll notice straight away.

The new CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test will include:

arrow3A completely new and updated question list with respiratory hazards and universal hazard signs included.

arrow3Questions about the Environment.

arrow3New scenarios to test workers’ reactions to health and safety situations on site.

arrow3New types of questions: standard multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hot spot questions, and hot area questions.

What is the Significance of a CSCS Card?

The primary importance of this card illustrates that the carrier has a working knowledge of various health and safety standards. There are different types of cards that will suit a variety of purposes and possessing this card can also act as a form of identification when entering and leaving a particular job site.

What you’ll need on your test day

Upon arriving for your test you’ll need to provide your confirmation letter or email to one of the test centre staff, you’ll also need to provide one form of identification that has your photograph and signature on it.

It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of your test and if you arrive later than the start time you’ll most likely be refused entry.

Taking the Test

The new health and safety test will consist of 50 questions of which 38 will be on health and safety knowledge and the remaining 12 will consist of behavioural case studies, these 12 questions will test how you respond and react to different types of safety-critical situations onsite.

The maximum allotted time for completing the test will be 45 minutes, in addition to the Site Operative test there are also Specialist tests that are available, these are:


arrow3Plumbing or Gas

arrow3Specialist Work at Height


arrow3Tunnelling  (NEW)

arrow3Lifts and Escalators

arrow3Highway Works

arrow3Managers and Professionals Test

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HAVCR)

arrow3HAPS -Heating and Plumbing services

arrow3RAAC – Refrigeration And Air  Conditioning

arrow3PFW – Pipefitting and Welding

arrow3SAF – Services and Facilities Maintenance

arrow3DUCT – Ductwork

How to pass the CSCS Test

Increasing your chances of passing the CSCS test requires 3 simple steps. Firstly you’ll need to watch the setting out film, this is a free video presentation that explains some of the most safety-critical preparations your site management or the “construction industry” will have to provide to ensure you and your colleagues are not placed in obvious danger while onsite.

It also explains your responsibilities and goes into detail about what the management or industry will expect you to do to ensure you don’t put yourself or others in obvious danger.

Secondly, you’ll need to revise for your test. The official CSCS revision book provides all the necessary information you’ll need to pass the test, it contains all the questions and answers along with other vital information on booking your test and preparing for your test and it also goes into detail about what can expect on your test day.

Finally, on your test day, you’ll need to practice with some CSCS mock test questions. You can either use the CSCS book or you can practice online for free, just revisit our mock exam section and you’ll find quite a number of free CSCS card practice test questions

CITB Construction Skills has become a household name in the UK, they’ve provided millions of people with first-class health and safety training and continue to push the limits to promote a higher level of safety in the UK. The cost of the new CITB Health Safety and Environment test remains the same at £21. Here are a few revision materials for the new CSCS test.

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