CSCS Mock Exam 2022

CSCS Mock Exam 2022 – Passing your CSCS test in 2022 is vital if you’re looking to get a construction job in the UK. Although not compulsory, having an appropriate CSCS card will get you on to most building sites because it shows you’re competent in carrying out your tasks safely.

This CSCS mock exam for 2022 will have 15 multiple choice questions covering a range of different topics, most questions will require a single answer and one will require multiple answers.

All the questions in this practice exam will also be added to our full CSCS mock test for 2022 so you can practice for your CSCS test in 2022.

1. What should you do FIRST if someone is unconscious but you are not a trained first aider?

a. Move the person on to their back

b. Try to perform CPR on the person

c. Get medical help immediately

d. Slap the person to see if they would wake up


2. If you want to be a first aider at work you should___.

a. Purchase an introduction to first aid hand-book and then you can treat people at work

b. Observe someone who is a trained first aider to see what they are doing

c. Arrange for your employer to put you on a first aider’s course

d. Ask a colleague to give you a few pointers and then you can treat people


3. What should you do if the first aid box at your workplace is missing items or completely empty?

a. Purchase your own supplies to top it up

b. It’s not your responsibility so just leave it until the appropriate person can sort it out

c. Inform the person who looks after the first aid box

d. Ask all of your colleagues to bring in a few items each


4. Information regarding your emergency assembly points will be ___.

a. In your contract of employment

b. On your HSE poster

c. On your signing in sheet

d. Discussed at your site induction


5. What’s the FIRST thing you should do if someone who is working in a deep man hole collapses?

a. Have your colleagues lower you into the man hole so you can assist

b. Find your supervisor and inform him/her of the matter

c. Leave the site and go home

d. Notify the trained rescue team immediately


6. How often should you replace your high-visibility clothing?

a. Once a year

b. Twice a year

c. When your current set is damaged or soiled

d. Every 5 years


7. You should always wear appropriate boots when working in wet cement because____.

a. It protects your trousers

b. It keeps your feet dry and warm

c. It prevents skin burns and dermatitis

d. It allows you to walk faster while working


8. Information regarding hazardous substances can be found in ___.

a. The COSHH assessment

b. Your contract of employment

c. Your HSE poster

d. Your site’s accident report book


9. If you see the word “SENSITISER” on a bottled substance, this means that____.

a. You can safely use it without PPE

b. Only a supervisor can use it

c. You have to mix it with water before using

d. You can have an allergic reaction to it


10. Which two tasks below would you class as manual handling? (Choose 2 answers)

a. Using a forklift to lift building materials

b. Climbing up ladders at work

c. Anything where you have to physically push, pull, lift or lower a load

d. Using a wheelbarrow to push a load


11. Safe manual handling techniques are essential in the workplace because___.

a. It allows you to lift heavier loads

b. It reduces the risk of injuries

c. It allows you to work faster

d. It eliminates the need for expensive lifting equipment


12. What should you do if a fire breaks out and you’ve not been trained to use a fire extinguisher?

a. Try to use the fire extinguisher and see how it goes

b. Do not use the fire extinguisher and go to your fire assembly point immediately

c. Use the closest lift to exit the building

d. Search the building for your supervisor and let him know


13. Should hand tools such as saws, hammers and wire cutters be inspected?

a. No, hand tools do not need inspecting

b. Yes, you should inspect them every time you need to use them

c. No, only electrical tools need inspecting

d. Yes, they should be checked once a month only


14. What would you do if you’re using a hammer and the head comes loose?

a. Continue using the hammer but use it very slowly

b. Stop using the hammer and get another that’s appropriate for the job

c. Continue using the hammer but warn colleagues in the area

d. Continue using the hammer only if you’re using protective gloves


15. You should not store loose batteries in a tool bag because___.

a. It could start a fire

b. It will make the bag heavier

c. It will reduce the battery life

d. It will damage the battery

1- C   2-C   3-C   4-D   5-D   6-C   7-C   8-A   9-D   10-C and D   11-B   12-B   13-B   14-B   15-A

These CSCS test questions for 2022 along with others will be added to our full practice test with 50 questions so you can have an up to date CITB mock test to help with your preparations.

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