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CSCS Test Practice – Hazardous Substances

The CSCS test practice questions below cover all the questions you will need to know from the Hazardous Substances section of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test for operatives and specialists.

The questions in this section will test your knowledge on how to identify hazardous substances such as Asbestos and the control measures that should be in place to allow you to work safely.

The pass mark for this CSCS practice test is 17 out of 19. You will get an instant pass or fail grade after completing the test. Good luck.

1. Which sign below means a substance is toxic if swallowed or inhaled?

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2. If you see the word “SENSITISER” on a bottled substance, this means that____.

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3. You’re working with a new chemical/substance and you start to feel ill, what should you do?

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4. A COSHH assessment is used to identify risks relating to ___.

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5. What is the main, immediate hazard associated with kneeling in wet cement?

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6. What should you do FIRST if you discover an unlabelled bottle of chemicals?

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7. What could happen to a worker's health if warning signs regarding hazardous substances are not followed?

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8. If your job requires you to use a hazardous substance whose responsibility is it to explain the health risks and safe method of work you need to follow?

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9. Which illness can result from exposure to asbestos fibres?

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10. Which hazardous substance is often found in cement-based roofing sheets?

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11. Where can you find information about hazardous substances?

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12. Which of the following hazardous materials should be identified when going through a construction health and safety checklist?

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13. Which activity could create the biggest risk for lead poisoning in a situation where control measures are not in place?

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14. What would indicate that a product is hazardous?

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15. What does COSHH stand for?

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16. You have to work with hazardous substances, what should your employer check regularly?

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17. In which of these are you most likely to encounter asbestos?

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18. The best way to tell if a specific substance is asbestos is by ___.

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19. Which statement regarding asbestos is true?

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