CSCS Test Questions – Noise at Work

For this CSCS mock test, we’ll take a look at some of the commonly asked questions from the “Noise” section of the official CSCS mock test 2024 DVD.

These CSCS test questions are practically identical to the ones you’re likely to come across on your test day and they follow the same multiple-choice format, some questions will require a single answer and some questions will require multiple answers so please ensure you read them carefully before attempting.

As you will learn from some of the CSCS test questions below, being constantly exposed to very noisy environments can have severe health complications. Most of these can lead to long-term health problems and hopefully, by the end of this CSCS practice test you will realize just how important and necessary it is to protect your hearing while at work.

1. Over time, excess noise can damage your ability to hear. Can such a condition be reversed?

a. Yes, but you will be forced to change your current job

b. With time, the condition may repair itself

c. The damage is permanent and cannot be reversed

d. You will need surgery to repair your hearing loss

Answer: C

2. You have just finished working with a particularly noisy piece of equipment and you have a ringing in your ears. What does this symptom imply?

a. Your body has been exposed to excess vibration

b. You may be coming down with the flu or a respiratory infection

c. The level of noise was high, but it was still safe

d. You’ve temporarily damaged your hearing

Answer: D

3. Over time, excess noise can damage your hearing. Which of these is an early sign of this?

a.  Infections of the inner ear

b.  There are no early signs

c.  A rash may appear around the outside of your ear

d. A ringing sound or even temporary hearing loss may occur

Answer: D

4. Give TWO separate answers as to how excess noise can affect your health.

a. Loss of hearing

b. Constant ear infections

c. An excess build-up of wax in your ears

d. Persistent headaches

e. A condition known as “vibration white finger”

Answers: A and D

5. You believe that excess noise at the job site has damaged your hearing. What do you need to do?

a. Take a few sick days and rest

b. Have your doctor or employer arrange a hearing test for you

c. Place cotton wads in your ears to prevent any future damage

d. There is nothing that you can do. The damage is permanent and cannot be undone

Answer: B

6. You find yourself on the job site next to a co-worker who is using a loud piece of machinery. You are wearing no hearing protection. What do you need to do?

a. Immediately stop and speak with the supervisor of your co-worker

b. Continue working, as the job site will always be noisy

c. Tell the worker to stop what they are doing

d. Leave the area until you have secured the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)

Answer: D

7. It is a general rule that noise levels may be excessive if you must shout to speak to someone how far away?

a. 6 metres

b. 4 metres

c. 5 metres

d. 2 metres

Answer: D

8. Your job requires you to wear ear defenders while on site. However, one of the pads is missing. What should you do?

a. Use a piece of cloth and wrap it around the shell while continuing to work

b. Wear them as they are and continue working

c. Do not wear them. Work without hearing protection

d. Wait until the pad is replaced before entering a noisy area

Answer: D

9. When working in a “Hearing Protection Zone”, you must:

a. Use hearing protection when the noises are too loud to stand

b. Be careful not to make excess noise

c. Wear the appropriate hearing protection at all times

d. Have adequate hearing protection in case you need it

Answer: C

10. By wearing hearing protection you will:

a. Eliminate all possibilities of being exposed to excessive noise levels

b. Reduce the amount of noise you’re exposed to

c. Improve your hearing

d. Reverse any previous hearing problems

Answer: B

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