CSCS Test – What to Expect

Being deemed qualified and competent at carrying out your job role safely is as simple as taking the CSCS test and earning a much sought-after CSCS card. But what exactly does the CSCS test involve? Is it just like a normal test, are there any special requirements needed before I can take the CSCS test?

In my previous post I gave you a brief introduction to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme and highlighted a few of the main goals and purposes of the CSCS training, to reap the full benefits of this training you must prove that you have a good understanding of safe working practices within your field. This is where the CSCS test comes in.

Here I will give you a brief explanation of what to expect from the CSCS test and how to make sure you pass the test with flying colours.

The test is in a multiple-choice format that’s done on a touchscreen computer; the questions are directly related to the type of CSCS card you’re applying for. But do expect basic questions such as PPE and types of PPE are almost guaranteed to show up. The maximum allotted time is 45 minutes but of course, you can leave as soon as you think you’re finished.

You should also expect different “what if” scenarios where you have to put yourself in an emergency situation and make safety-critical decisions, these are especially related to supervisors.

Don’t expect the CSCS card test to be a complete pushover as many have failed it before and with the new behavioural case study questions that have been added, more and more people are finding it hard to achieve the required pass mark.

What you will need to bring

When you turn up to the test centre make sure to bring along passport photos for the card, your booking confirmation number or letter and also some form of photo identification such a passport or or driver license.

Final thoughts on the CSCS card test

Although many people may try to convince you that the CSCS card test is a simple and basic common sense test do not listen to them, many have tried and many have failed. The only way to guarantee yourself a pass mark is by reading through the CSCS revision materials, all these revision materials have CSCS mock test questions at the end.

Think of it this way, would you place your future on word of mouth, or would you prefer something in black and white?

There is an updated article relating to the new CITB Health and Safety test here.

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