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CSCS mock test for operatives

CSCS Mock Test for Operatives 2020

The CSCS mock test for Operatives below features a selection of questions similar to the ones you’ll need to know to pass your Health, Safety and Environment Test for Operatives in 2020.

These practice questions will focus on: Legal and Management, Health and Welfare, General Safety, High Risk Activities and Environmental Awareness and Waste Control.

Don’t forget to visit our full CSCS mock test for operatives 2020 questions page here where you’ll find these and other CSCS sample questions.

1. Are you responsible for helping to reduce the amount of waste created on-site?

Question 1 of 25

2. Which of these is true about using gloves while handling chemicals?

Question 2 of 25

3. To operate a plant on site you must: (Choose 2 Answers)

Question 3 of 25

4. Exposure to which of these would most likely result in you contracting Weil’s disease?

Question 4 of 25

5. Methane gas is very dangerous in confined spaces because: (choose 2 answers)

Question 5 of 25

6. What should you do if a Health and Safety Executive inspector asks you about a recent accident you witnessed?

Question 6 of 25

7. If you’re working in a confined space and the gas alarm goes off you should:

Question 7 of 25

8. You witness a scaffold collapse, if you’re questioned about this accident you should:

Question 8 of 25

9. What do yellow service pipes carry in relation to underground service pipes?

Question 9 of 25

10. What should be done if you have an accident at work which results in you being absent from work for more than 7 days? Choose TWO answers.

Question 10 of 25

11. If you need to hand dig near any electrical underground services you must use:

Question 11 of 25

12. Who should provide the first aid box at your worksite?

Question 12 of 25

13. What should you do if you’re working in a deep trench and you start to feel dizzy?

Question 13 of 25

14. Why is it important for workers using a half mask respirator to be clean shaven?

Question 14 of 25

15. Which of these is true about environmental law?

Question 15 of 25

16. What should you do if you’re given a cable avoiding tool to use while working but you don’t know how to use it?

Question 16 of 25

17. What should you do if you suspect someone about to start working on-site is under the influence of alcohol?

Question 17 of 25

18. Pedestrians are most likely injured by site vehicles when the vehicles are:

Question 18 of 25

19. You should tell your employer if you have contracted Weil’s disease on site because:

Question 19 of 25

20. What should you do if you accidentally cut your finger and you can’t get it to stop bleeding?

Question 20 of 25

21. What should you do if your supervisor asks you to drive a truck but you have never driven one before?

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22. What should you do if one of your colleague has a nail stuck in their foot and you are not a trained first aider?

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23. Details about the site traffic rules are usually discussed:

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24. If you’re in an accident, which of these does NOT have to be recorded in the accident book? Choose two answers.

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25. Who is responsible for recording an injury in the accident book?

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Comments (22)

  1. edd boyle says:

    Great way to revise could not be any easier CHEERS

  2. Mark says:

    Very handy to try before you go for the test

  3. william says:

    Thank you very much for giving me an idea of what the test would be like now i must improve my studies

  4. william says:

    I have been thinking how hard it would be to prepared for the test you are doing a great job

  5. Paul Cummings says:

    I had no idea what the mock questions would entail but on my first mock 21 correct. its a combination revision and common sense.
    like them

  6. nigel morgan says:

    got 23 out of 25 not bad will take test soon

  7. wayne reynolds says:

    i did better than i thought i would on this.

  8. Paul Bussue says:

    21 out of 25,not bad,i am looking forward to the real thing,thanks guys for the mock test,keep up the good work.

  9. Szilveszter Gyergyak says:

    25/25 at the 4th time i got out! this is a good quality test! thank you!

  10. jack says:

    really good got 23 out of 25 the first go then I got 25 out of 25 the second go. its a really good little test to refresh your mind

  11. Ben Clark says:

    Full Marks all the time thank you so much for this revision hopefully I pass my test tomorrow

  12. Lee Pollock says:

    After many years away from the trade, quite happy at my first attempt on the mock test provided!.
    23/25 maybe a little more revision on certain aspects then time to put in for REAL! Thanks.

  13. george says:

    good mock test 23-25 will try again.

  14. damion hardware says:

    i got 25 out of 25 i got my test on saturday

  15. K Parchment says:


  16. Daniel says:

    Had my test today and passed! Some questions i remember involved;
    why is it important to be clean shaven when wearing a mask?
    What is a red fire extinguisher?
    What is the correct voltage to use on site 12/50/110/230?
    Best of luck

  17. jack says:

    praying I pass my test tomorrow!!!

    • Donovan Brown says:

      I fail my test yesterday am gutted. Am going back next week to resist my test
      Am home now doing the mock test online. One of my mate tells me about this mock test online is the best to practice with.

  18. Al white says:

    A great way to revise. Good job.

  19. ian sloan says:

    buzzing get me on the test sharpish

  20. diane says:

    24/25 first go. not bad for a girl. lol. sit my test Friday. fingers crossed. thank you for the help

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